Friday, June 1, 2012

Sergeant Paul T. Standley

Today there will be a ceremony at Ellington Field to honor World War II Army Air Corps Radio Operator, Sergeant Paul T. Standley.  The 147th will be marking Sergeant Standley's 70th anniversary of joining the Army Air Corps.  He began his career at Ellington Field, but would see a lot of island hopping during World War II as he transported soldiers from Hawaii, to Guam, Kawajalin, Siapan, and after August 1945, home.

As part of the ceremony honoring Sgt. Standley, his son, Judge Larry Standley has created a shadowbox display containing his father's uniform and medals.

As Judge Standley pointed out, there are only approximately 1.7 million American veterans still alive from World War II, and statistics seem to indicate that about one thousand of them die every day.  This is an amazing and touching tribute from a Son to a Father -- and a Nation to a Solider.

Congratulations, Sergeant Standley and thank you for everything.


Anonymous said...

Congrats and thank you to Sgt. Standley. I was honored to be invited and to attend his event today. Judge Standley did a great job organizing the event and delivering a heartfelt speech that honored his Father as well as the current Air Force personnel that attended. I was very happy to meet and honor a member of the greatest generation.
-Nathan Hennigan

Sid Crowley said...

They really are becoming fewer and fewer each day. My own Dad, a WW2 vet, passed away in 2007. We have a similar display to Larry's with Dad's service ribbons and his Transportation Corps (branch of service) patch, along with the flag that was presented by the VFW honor guard at his funeral. It's become commonplace to say it, but they really were the greatest generation.

Anonymous said...
Special honor for World War II Army Air Corps veteran

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