Tuesday, November 6, 2018

To the Candidates on Election Day

To all of my friends who are on the ballot today, I wanted to say thank you.

For the past two years, whether you were running to defend an Office you already held or whether you were running as a candidate for the first time, you have both my appreciation and my admiration.

For every dinner you missed at home because you had to attend an event.
For every weekend that you didn't get to relax because you had to block-walk.
For every fundraiser you had to attend or organize when you probably didn't really want to do either.
For every criticism that you receive from some jerk who doesn't even know you.
For every word of discouragement from somebody who told you that you couldn't get elected.
For every straight-ticket voting nimwit who never bothered to even consider you as a candidate.

I don't think that the average voter knows what candidates put themselves through just to face an uncertain outcome on Election Day.  I've had a front row seat to it before, and it solidified in my mind that I never want to do it myself.

Candidates put themselves through Hell just to put themselves in the running.

In doing so, they literally become the last line of defense for our government, regardless of whether they win or lose.  There would be no accountability from our government if there wasn't the competition of the election.

As an arm-chair quarterback who has thrown in his thoughts and criticisms far more than anyone really wanted to hear, I wanted to personally say thank you to everybody who had the guts to run for Office.  The race is almost over and whether you come in first place or second, you've done far more than any of us who just commentated.

To everyone who is reading this that isn't a candidate, it would seem to me that the least you could do is go out there and vote.

Good luck today.  Everyone.


Anonymous said...

Well and truly said, Murray. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

OK, time to gear up for 2020. Will there be a credible candidate to take on Ogg in 2020. No more straight ticket. Different ballgame down ballot.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to publish the Facebook post by Asst DA Akilah Bacy with Tonya Jones?

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate the spirit, but set your expectations now. Houston is blue. Liberal voters, when they come out and for whatever reason they come out, will always vote blue. We just saw this week that qualifications mean jack shite. Is there a thousand (or more) qualified candidates with a bar card who would be better than Ogg? YES. Does that matter at all? NO. Thank whoever you want for this mess, Trump, Hillary, Beto, Soros, or any number of people. But don’t set your hopes in the “perfect” candidate to take down Ogg. Just doesn’t matter how good any candidate is anymore. Sorry to say. And it’s kind of been that way for a while now.

Murray Newman said...

Anon 6:32 p.m.,

Not sure what you are angling for with Akilah's post about Tonya Jones. Looks like an attorney supporting a friend. I think Akilah is in private practice, by the way. Not that it would matter. Even ADAs get to have opinions about who they support in politics.

Anonymous said...

My mistake. I was under the impression she was still there

Anonymous said...

10:03, quit your crying. For years all you needed to win in Harris County was an R behind your name. Complaining about straight-ticket Democrats when there were non-stop ads telling us to vote straight Republican and the Harris County Republican Party had it on their front page is not just hypocritical, it's straight up dishonest. We lost some good judges in this election, but for years some bad ones stayed for no other reason than because of their party affiliation. Yet I didn't hear a peep out of any of you until D's started getting competitive in 2008. And if you think the solid-red Texas legislature did away with straight-ticket voting out of principle instead of because they thought it might be the last down-ballot guard against the impending blue trend, well, add stupid to your list of attributes. It'll go nicely with hypocritical and dishonest.

"Even ADAs get to have opinions about who they support in politics."

Sure, if they want to get fired. Twice.


Anonymous said...

Gotta be honest - anxiously awaiting a blog post with post election thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I think that’s what I was saying. Pointing out that people shouldn’t expect change based on qualifications, which is what you’re pointing as well. But, ok, Jason.

Anonymous said...

LOL, seems that black girl magic has become a black robe epidemic!

Anonymous said...

As this post was about elections, let's talk 2020. Word is Ogg is expecting a primary challenger. Meanwhile, rumors of several R's running for DA in 20. Stay tuned!