Monday, May 19, 2008

Chief Bradford Responds to Rumors

We were glad to have former-HPD Chief and current-District Attorney candidate Clarence Bradford write in, responding to the Rumors in the Air post we did last week. (Quite frankly, we were shocked that anybody important read this blog -- except you, Grits, of course).

Below are the question-by-question responses that Chief Bradford gave to the rumors that have been circulating around the CJC for some time now.

Here we go:

1. He will dismantle the Special Crimes Division (and maybe the Public Integrity Division) of the Office.
No decision has been made regarding existing Divisions. After I am elected, I will complete a review of each Unit and Division.

2. Lloyd Kelley will be his first assistant.
Lloyd Kelley will not be working within the DA's Office under my administration.

3. Quannel X and his followers will have free access all over the District Attorney's Office.
As DA, I will be visible and accessible to all communities. However, no one will have free access to roam thru the DA's Office.

4. His 'Upper Administration' (i.e., Bureau and Division Chiefs) will be filled with people of no more than three years of legal experience, including some who never rose to the level of misdemeanor chief.
No decision has been made regarding existing personnel. After I am elected, I will complete a review of personnel and overall staffing.

5. Bradford will bring up for Disciplinary Rule any Prosecutor who draws a Batson challenge.
No potential juror should be struck based solely on their race. One good probable cause for inquiry would be a Batson challenge being granted by a judge.

6. Bradford is accepting lists from Defense Attorneys regarding which current prosecutors should be fired.
No such list has been solicited or received.

Thank you for taking the time to respond, Chief.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

Glad he responded. Do you think, AHCL, those answers will satisfy the rumor mongers in the office?

FWIW, if you go read Dallas Sidebar before and after the 2006 election, virtually these identical rumors were going around about Craig Watkins, with scared employees worried the new DA meant their careers would all end. A few bigwigs in Dallas left of their own accord, a la Kelly Siegler, but the sky didn't fall, and most people who stayed are happy they did. Hell, Watkins has even starting to get press on your preferred subjects. What more could you want?

Ron in Houston said...

Well, you're officially a journalist.

You'd be surprised who reads blogs.

Anonymous said...

Those are non answers. His handicap is his intelligence. He is too caught up in the race Bs to be an effective leader. Though he will be better than the alternative. Tell him to answer the question. Though we all know he doesn't know because he has no idea. Lykos is no different. She is just meaner and less racist.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you said "responds to rumors" rather than "answers."

I read what he said...I'm still waiting for him to answer the questions...