Thursday, May 27, 2010

Antoher Chiefly Departure

Tomorrow marks the last day on the job for 185th District Court Chief, Kristin Guiney.

Kristin, a 9 year veteran of the D.A.'s Office, is yet another tremendous loss for the County. Coming in as a pre-commit during the Summer of 2001, she established herself first as leader within her "starting class", and subsequently as a leader within the Office, as a whole.

Managing her duties in the Trial Bureau, Kristin became known as a highly skilled prosecutor in front of juries. She combined the legal knowledge to do research on complex issues without constantly pestering the Appellate Division (something I was very guilty of during my time there), and also maintaining a down-to-Earth and very common-sense approach in trying her cases. She was not only respected by her peers, but also by the "higher ups" in the Office.

Kristin was the kind of prosecutor that the Office needed.

Not only did she do an outstanding job in the duties assigned to her as a prosecutor, she sought out ways to make the Office better. When specialized projects needed analysis, she was the first person who volunteered.

Okay, well, maybe once or twice she got "volunteered" for a project by someone who was being lazy named Murray, but you get the point. She studied other D.A. Offices around the country to make requests for more personnel within the HCDA, and her work resulted in an impressive display to the Commissioner's Court that got the Office's budget substantially raised for many more (much needed) prosecutors.

She was the kind of person who wore the title of Public Servant proudly, and she embodied everything one would hope in a government lawyer. She was hard-working, honest, and talented. The work she did for the Office was out of a genuine love for the place that she worked.

So, it is very bittersweet to see Guiney headed out into private practice.

It's a tremendous loss to the Office and the County, but we all know she did more than her fair share for that general public during her tenure.

I wish her the very best of luck.

And for those prosecutors that may be facing Guiney in the future, make sure you cross your "t"s, dot your "i"s and are very, very prepared.

Because you can bet your ass that Guiney will be.


Mark Bennett said...

Antoher gift to the criminal defense bar. Thanks, Judge Lykos!

Anonymous said...

I hate that she's leaving and the office is going to miss what she was able to provide. Her analysis of our office versus comparable D.A.'s offices was a thing to behold. Who else could juggle chief duties and do that? Not me, but she did it easily. When I tell her that I'm going to miss her she says "I'm not going anywhere, you'll still see me." I know I will, Kristin, but I have come to love and respect you so much as a colleague that will miss you tremendously. We continue to lose what made us so great - people like you.

Donnelly said...

What a temendous loss to the HCDAO. I got to start at the office with Guiney and loved every minute of coming up through the ranks with her. She took on more than anyone else was willing and yet always found time to manage the work/family issues with which we all struggle. As you said, Murray, she is a model public servant and will no doubt continue to be as honest, effective, and dedicated in her new career as in her last. I'll be seeing you real soon, Guiney. And thanks for all the great band names from Career Prosecutor School. Congratulations!

Donnelly said...

"Tremendous"....excuse my spelling error

Tyrone Moncriffe said...

I've just finished a murder trial with Kristy and she was one tough lawyer. She was awesome with the jury. The D.A's office lose and the Defense Bar wins on this one. Good luck Kristy!

Tyrone C. Moncriffe

Anonymous said...

She is a smart lawyer. We heard she is thinking about running for DA next election.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, you were the best at everything you put your mind to...whether it was putting on a case in front of a jury, helping out others when needed, preparing the argument re: the need for more prosecutors, brainstorming or organizing. I wish you all the best on your next "phase" in life and enjoying your babies. All my best, krs

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:35 -

Although she would unquestionably make a fantastic DA, I have it on excellent authority that Kristin is not running for DA. We do, however, wish her the best of luck in her new venture

Vic W said...

All the folks at the DA's office, including support personnel and investigators, owe Kristin a huge debt of gratitute. By 2007 our salaries had begun to seriously lag the other large counties in the state, including several that traditionally had not paid well. Bert can add some insight but to my knowledge Raycraft was giving a lot of "we'll get to it" feedback and we were stymied in getting anything done. A committee was formed and Kristin and George (excellent financial analyst in PIG, I'm sorry I forget his surname) just did an incredible job in putting together a packet which was given to Commissioner's Court. I believe we received everything we asked for. Considering what happened shortly thereafter, both the office and then the economy, is there any doubt those raises would not have come for years without her skills? Likewise there is no doubt the office was a much better place for Kristin having been there.

In my brief tenure as a defense attorney Kristin has been a complete pleasure to deal with. I say this despite the fact I have noted her frequent eye-rolling and sighing in plea negotiations with me that are absent in her dealings with other attorneys.

Kristin, good luck and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Guiney! I will miss you more than you know.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that Robert Fickman had been elected president of Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Assn. There were 2 candidates and supposedly he won with write in ballots. Is this correct?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Guiney,

Best wishes in all your future endeavors AND for having something to do with Vic being able to make more money - in addition to his 500K Intake Salary.

Now that you are freelance your former Court 6 family awaits you. Welcome back if you dare to venture back into the murky waters of "Three - Two & a Hun!

Larry Standley

Eric J. Davis said...

Ms. Guiney,

It was always a pleasure working with you. You are an excellent lawyer and a woman of integrity. Keep fighting and if I can help you in anyway in private practice, give me a call. Also, I have a couple of sexual harassment case that need prosecuting... if you are interested.

Eric J. Davis

Anonymous said...

The Financial Analyst who worked tirelessly with Kristin on getting the salary adjustments, was George Jordan. George is now a licensed Attorney and is a huge asset to Public Integrity in the HCDAO.