Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Final Field & A Potential Departure

As I pointed out a few posts ago, the primary for Texas is Tuesday, May 29th.  When the powers that be set that date, it temporarily re-opened the field for any aspiring candidates that wanted to run for public office.  That temporary re-opening ended yesterday at 6 p.m. with only one addition to the races involving the CJC.  Someone named Antonio Benavides added his name as a Republican candidate for the 177th District Court, facing off against Assistant District Attorney Ryan Patrick.

Given the fact that Ryan has been running a polished campaign from the very beginning and nobody seems to know who the late-arriving Mr. Benavides is, I don't know that this race will be too hotly contested.

None of the other judicial fields landed any additional candidates, which I'm sure leaves that lovable lunatic and grammar rock star, Don Hooper, furious.  He's been waging a private war against his ever-growing list of enemies that pretty much consists of him generating on-line discussions with himself and butchering the English language in the process.

The big news coming out of the end of filing time is that no third person spoiler entered the race for District Attorney, leaving it a head-to-head match-up between Pat Lykos and Mike Anderson.  I'm not a political science major, but Lykos has got to be a little uneasy knowing that there won't be a runoff like the one that got her into office in 2008.  It will be interesting to see how it shakes out without Jim Leitner to play the spoiler.

Speaking of Leitner, my e-mail and phone started blowing up yesterday afternoon with reports that Leitner had turned in his letter of resignation effective June 1st (which is coincidentally the first Friday after the primary.)  Obviously Jim and I don't have our nightly chats anymore so I cannot absolutely confirm that, but it sure was coming from multiple sources that have been credible in the past.  It was also very specific.

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser.


Anonymous said...

Leitner has been around long enough now to see:
1. Lykos never intended to "let him run the office"
2. She never intended to just run for one term
3. She isn't going to get re-elected and his days are numbered.

Given these facts, he needs to leave before June 1st and quit trying to do Lykos any political favors by staying until then.

I'm guessing he might not be the only one of the motley crew that will be slipping out the back door.

Jigmeister said...

My respect for Jim would certainly take a big leap forward if the rumor is true. Don't understand the timing though. If he is fed up with Patsy, why wait until after the primary. Leaving before would show more loyalty to the office than the office holder, and demonstrate to the troops that he feels their pain. It would also help restore some confidence on the part of the judiciary that he needs to make a living.

Anonymous said...

Vote for David Mendoza. He is a fantastic Judge and an even better individual.

In the race of Mendoza vs. Bridgwater, my vote goes to Judge Mendoza.

Life-long Republican

Anonymous said...

Jigmeister, I thought Jim had checked all his integrity after the last election primary. Run off between Kelly and Lykos with Jim refusing to endorse anybody, but wait, he is going to vote for Lykos and surprise he is the new first assistant. Smells like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck, sure make me think a duck was cut and integrity checked at the door. Quack quack.

Anonymous said...

Hummmm. Just a thought but maybe Lykos will step down June 1.

Anonymous said...


If the rumors are true and you are really leaving, then good! No, not good--GREAT!! Finally, Jim! I left the place and it feels so good to liberate yourself from the tyrant that Pat Lykos is! I don't understand why its taken you so long, but thank goodness you're getting out. Soon enough, you'll recapture some respect for yourself and from others. I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

I just read Don Hooper's blog for the first time. His command of the English language appears to be more solid now than it was just two weeks ago. Could it be that his lovely wife (I just threw up in my mouth saying that) spent some time helping him make complete sentences? Anyways, I wanted to commend him on his apparent writing skills at at 6th grade level, but there is no way to leave comments on his blog. So, Don, if you read this, congratulations! God is good!

Anonymous said...

Using the phrase: "GOD is good" in the same paragraph / Blog Post along with hooper & palmer?


ps: And yes I get the double G.J. Palmer comment dig.

BLACK INK said...


Jim Leitner's disgraceful reputation, both personally and professionally, speaks for itself.

The implication that a co-captain earns respect by abandoning the ship and crew of a vessel he deliberately and selfishly scuttles is beyond offensive.

Cowardly acts do not merit respect.

AND, lest you forget: BUT FOR Jim Leitner Pat Lykos would not be an issue today.

Anonymous said...

Jim isn't going anywhere, he can't afford to.

There was also a rumor he was packing up his office, turned out to be false also.

As far as Mr. Benavides. He's a registered Democrat; voted in the past Deomcratic primaries. Paid cash for his filing fee. He's just running to force Ryan to spend money. Ryan will still beat his ass. And it's never too early to remind the public about Vivian:

Anonymous said...

re: 5:53 and 5:57-

Jigmeister is basing his statements on the JL he used to know. He hasn't been around to see just how far Leitner has allowed himself to sink. JL reminds me of Tommy Johnson in "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" who sold his soul to the devil. (google it)

5:57- JL can't afford to STAY! He needs to get back to the defense side and start making some money. Wait! what am I sayin'- He never really left the defense side!

A Harris County Lawyer said...

To the person writing in asking about Andy Tobias' funeral arrangements, nothing was ever in the newspaper that I saw and I never learned anything from outside channels.