Monday, March 3, 2014

Eli Uresti

I learned today (via Johnny Bonds) that former Harris County D.A. Investigator and HPD Homicide Investigator Eli Uresti passed away over the weekend.

I first heard of Eli when I read The Cop Who Wouldn't Quit, where he was Johnny's partner at the onset of the investigation profiled in the book.  Although Johnny was obviously the central figure in the story, I was very familiar with Eli (as well as Dan McAnulty) when I arrived at the D.A.'s Office back in 1999.

Eli was an investigator in the Misdemeanor when I first started and he was one of the first people I got to know there.  It was a cool feeling to get to work alongside someone who you had read about when you were a kid.  He was a very nice man who seemed pretty bemused at all of young rookie prosecutors who thought we knew everything there was to know about criminal law.

I liked Eli very much and I'm sorry to hear of his passing.


Mark Burtner said...

I worked with Eli back in 1985-88 he was very helpful and understanding of us(young misdemeanor attorneys)he helped me win two negligent homicide trials and showed me how to prepare a case. He was a gentleman respected by all. I am sorry for his family's loss.
Mark Burtner

Mark White said...

Eli was great! Always the first guy in the office to run reports on CAD. Always helpful!