Saturday, February 18, 2017

Jeff Ross's New Website

My friend and fellow defense attorney, Jeff Ross, stopped me in the hallway the other day to let me know that he had joined the Blawgosphere recently and he asked me to take a look at it.

I checked it out and for those of you in and out of the Harris County CJC, I highly recommend it.

Jeff's website is called "Show Me the Justice" and can be reached by clicking here.

Jeff is taking on the job of keeping track of verdicts in the courts and he's welcoming comments (including those dreaded Anonymous ones) on Judges, Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys, and Police Officers.

Because Jeff is an extremely good guy, he's only posting the name of the winning side of the jury verdicts.  The website isn't designed to embarrass anyone.  It also doesn't name anyone who is being complained upon.

All in all, it is an entertaining website.  You should check it out.

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