Saturday, August 25, 2018

Technical Issue with the Comments

If you've made a comment on the blog over the past couple of months and it didn't get published, I owe you an apology.

Apparently, something was going on with my spam filters and it swept a lot of babies out with the bathwater when it came to blog comments.  I think I have the problem fixed and I think I've published all of the old comments that didn't post right away.

I just assumed that since I hadn't written much this summer that nobody had anything to say about the few things that I have written.  I firmly believe that the comments are the best part of this blog, so I'm glad to see them still coming in.  There are some especially interesting ones (with accompanying statistics) on A Personnel Problem.


Jefe said...

So, the lack of comments here is substantive, not technical?

Murray Newman said...

Well, it was actually technical, but I didn't elaborate. A few months ago, the floodgates suddenly opened on spammers hitting the comments section. I mean, like to the tune of thirty or so a day. I used to get e-mail notifications on every comment that came through so I could approve them or mark them as spam. I ended up deleting those ones that were obviously spam (i.e., all the comments were on a blog post from 2010). Apparently, I deleted so many of them that my e-mail started blocking them in their entirety.

And that is how the dog ate my homework.

Jefe said...

The real test is to write anything about the DA's Office and get no comments. Then you know you have been removed from the Internets.