Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adios, Arthur

It is with great sadness that I must report that the most excellent blog Saturday Night and Monday Morning hosted by Arthur Seaton has apparently been scrapped.

The rumors that Arthur and his life long companion, Rage Judicata have eloped are unconfirmed as of yet.


Anonymous said...

It's a shame. His blog was very enjoyable and sometimes surprising. I don't blame him one bit. Your loyal readers await a return hopefully one day, perhaps under more anonymous circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Texas Monthly has a reporter in Austin checking out complaints about prosecutors. Rumor that he is coming here. Harris county has attracted a lot of attention because of this and other things. WORD TO THE WISE

Anonymous said...

MURRAY, We have given your name to reporter since you know about all the crazy things in Harris county.Please set the record straight.

Rage Judicata said...

He wishes he could get with this.

His blog contributed little, and was as unfitting, if not moreso, for a prosecutor to be posting as Life After Esquire's inane antics.

Guess he wasn't the 'damn the torpedoes' bad ass he portrayed himself to be.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk to anyone without your attorney present.

skip said...

Does Lykos have to resign as DA to run for AG? If so that will be the fait accompli for Jimmy's pact with the devil.
If not, ADAs beware--the troll will be back with a vengeance and Jimmy will implode.
The irony will be that the statewide media will expose Lykos for who she is and she and her crew will be removed from office in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Rage Judicata:
Admiral David Glasgow Farragut would not be impressed with your ROTC arrogance.
The commandant at VMI would be appalled at your grasp of leadership and ethics?
You wouldn't have made it at USNA or USMA.
Shove off,
A friend of Arthur Seaton

Ron in Houston said...

Is it just me or are things getting quite ugly lately?

Rage Judicata said...

You wouldn't have made it at USNA or USMA.

You're right. I wouldn't sit in the rear with the gear like the Navy, and I know how to read words with more than one syllable and think for myself, so I wouldn't have made a good Marine.

I was, however, a pretty good tanker in 3rd Armored.

As for the schools, I turned down an appointment at Annapolis (dad's a law school buddy with my old Congressman), and a football scholarship for Army because I was a legacy at VMI. My son will enter VMI in two years as the fifth generation of VMI graduates in my family. A school that has graduated the likes of General Marshall and where Stonewall Jackson taught. If you even know who they are, I'm guessing you can see that VMI can compete. VMI cadets, while still students, fought in several Civil War battles as infantry units, while the academies sat on their hands.

Now that we're showing the respective lengths of our internet penises, what have you got?

Nothing? Still an anonymous chump ADA who has to come to the defense of another chump ADA who took his blog down out of fear, despite talking a big game?

I thought so.

Jason said...

Maybe the Seaton/Rage feud was what fueled that drive by shooting at TSU today!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you also turned down full law school scholarships at Harvard and Yale to attend Daddy's alma mater, Texas Southern, with it's equally distinguished alumni.
West Point does not offer football scholarships as all cadets are paid by the US Government to attend. Further, service academy football, with the exception of the 150 lb division, traditionally have shit teams since the jocks don't want to do the 5 yr post graduate commitment and miss out on the big bucks in the NFL. The notable exception being Heisman winner Roger Staubach who led the '63 midshipmen to a national championship game (losing to Texas). He then had to serve 5 yrs before signing with the Cowboys.
The slur directed towards the United States Marine Corps. and the United States Navy is as unfounded as your credentials,sir.
Tell the boys at Coronado and Quantico how much more of a man you think you are are.
We refer to your kind as whale shit, specifically that which is found on the ocean floor.

Col. T.S. Bear, III, USMC (Ret.)
San Diego, California

Rage Judicata said...

West Point does not offer football scholarships as all cadets are paid by the US Government to attend.

All academies recruit heavily for sports and admit people for that alone. If you went to one (I'm sure you didn't), you would know that. I was offered a slot despite not having taken my DODMERB exam.

Nice that you retired as a colonel (probably promoted upon retirement). Not everyone is cut out to be a general, so you shouldn't be too upset, and mid level management seems about right for your narrow minded views. I would have made you for a Marine, your slavish devotion to tyrants as long as they outrank you fits the profile.

Eh, call me whale shit all you want. Honestly, I'm surprised a marine knows what a whale is. Also, congratulations on learning how to spell.

Anonymous said...

"Eh, call me whale shit all you want."

That's the least they call you, believe me.

Do you know a lwyer named Patton Breland? He went to VMI, but he's a hell of a lot more classy than you appear to be. I wonder if he'd be proud of the way you represent his alma mater?

Anonymous said...

So who really is "Rage Judicata:

If we are to believe his bravado:
1. He is a 4th generation VMI graduate;
2. He served non combat duty as a tanker with the 3rd Armored Division;
3. He is licensed and actively practicing low profile civil law in Harris County;
4. His daddy was (is) also an attorney;
5. He has a son who will be entering the 11th grade this fall;

Bottom Line: Rage is a bitter insecure underachiever whose daddy greased the wheels to ingratiate him into a position he knows he neither deserves nor is accepted by. This furthers his resentment of those that have actually earned the privilege.

Rage Judicata said...

He served non combat duty


It's interesting that the voice of dissent can be such a distraction and instantly branded as not credible by people who have such small minds. It's the main reason I stopped posting before. Well, except when it was anonymous, which, despite espousing the same views never received the same response from you smell-peckered ADAs.

I have yet to hear from you folks why things were better under Rosenthal than Lykos, other than the fact that she's cleaning house over there and you used to get away with more than you can now, to the detriment of our civil liberties.

jigmeister said...


It was better under Rosenthal because Bert Graham was the 1st Assistant and the executive staff were experienced prosecutors. Rosenthal was a nonentity in the daily lives of the troops. They were consulted about his positions like sodomy, homosexuality, etc. He screwed the pooch by his public conduct, not his management or lack thereof.

jigmeister said...

I meant were not consulted.

Anonymous said...

Rage, I bet you got more Purple Hearts than John Kerry am I right?
Get a bigger pistol for your profile it's still not big enough to compensate for your inadequacy.

Jigmeister, you are right on my brother.

Arthur, you have destroyed Rage, congratulations.

Rage Judicata said...

Rosenthal was a nonentity in the daily lives of the troops.

jig, you're certainly one of the more reasonable of the Rosentahl era folks. but whether he was involved or not, there were still quite a few abuses in the CJC. Lots of faulty convictions, lots of "whatever it takes to close a file." I'd much rather have mistakes made by inexperienced prosecutors than I would intentional cover-ups by the most experienced.

The old system allowed exactly that. You can gain experience. You cannot un-learn corruption.

Arthur, you have destroyed Rage, congratulations.


Which one of us deleted his blog like a whimpering puppy, afraid of what might happen to him if they found out who it was, and which one of us is still posting?

(Hint: I'm still posting.)

Aren't you supposed to be thanking me for my service or something? That's what you people normally do, because you were too scared to do for your country what I have and you think that and a flag on your car makes you a patriot. That's OK, I've shot people in three countries and two continents so that you'd have the right to type your drivel.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

What I liked about working in the DA's Office in the past is Bert Graham.

He is probably one of the fairest and best administrators I have ever known.

I think we (Harris County) lost a great public servant when he retired.

I try to be like him in my work: be fair, consider the facts, look at issues from different perspectives, be honest and upfront.

Anonymous said...

"Which one of us deleted his blog like a whimpering puppy, afraid of what might happen to him if they found out who it was, and which one of us is still posting?"

Uhhh let's get this straight--you are an anonymous little bitch and you are bragging about it? Really?

Seaton gave a a good reason why he left--do you have one as to why you are still here?

Anonymous said...

Now, the following is my take on this bad speller.