Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Me and My Blog

Last year when I was still relatively new at this blogging thing, I went several days without doing a new post. I began the next one I did by apologizing for having gone so long without writing, to which a sarcastic (yet funny) commenter wrote in something to the effect that they found it amusing when a blogger apologized for actually not writing for awhile (as if the entire world was waiting on the next words of wisdom to come from said blogger).

It made me laugh, because it was true, and I always think of that guy's commentary whenever I've gone a bit without writing.

But then I get a comment like the one at 5:13 a.m. this morning on my last post talking about "When Blogs Go Blank" and I'm not sure what to make of it. I can't tell if they are taunting me for not having written in a while or just encouraging me to write something new.

Either way, I can assure you that the Old Life at the CJC blog has not gone completely blank and I don't have any plans of taking the site down anytime soon. I truly apologize if my absence over the past week has given the false hope to Lykos, Leitner, Bridgwater and Chow that I had died. Quite frankly, if I were them, I would just be touting the fact that they've gone over a week without committing a public screw up. Good job, guys.

The bottom line, though, is that I do thoroughly enjoy writing this blog and I'm glad that (at least some of) you enjoy it. I'm glad that there is a place where some attention gets paid to what is happening in the CJC and if the comments section provides a place for people to vent, then I'm glad for that, too.

But sometimes life does get in the way of writing.

I just got back from an absolutely AWESOME weekend at the lake with my three-year-old Little Man, and I'm actually closing on a house today. So, the old personal life has been somewhat busy the past couple of weeks.

In addition, I do have this whole law practice thing going on, and as it picks up steam, I have less and less time to write.

And, in all seriousness, Lykos and the Gang didn't really do much of significance last week. Sometimes there just isn't that much to write about.

As a side note, if you are looking for something about the legal field coupled by some really excellent writing, I highly recommend my friend Scott H. Greenfield's Simple Justice. Scott is one hell of a brilliant and talented writer, not to mention a very nice guy.

I do have several things that I'm looking into and want to write about in the near future, and there is one VERY BIG rumor circulating right now that I'm not quite willing to put into print yet (NOTE: that's called a "teaser" in the blogging biz.) I will get back to writing more frequently in the near future.

But in the meantime, please rest assured that this blog isn't going away any time soon.


Arthur Seaton said...

I have lost all respect for you. Your comment as to not posting should be laced with Anglo-Saxon based insults.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Insults like "those glasses could not be more unflattering on your face", Arthur?

Anonymous said...

Murray, just do me a favor. If you continue on this blogging thing, just don't turn into one of those "Perez Hilton" kinda people. Takes all the fun out of "commenting" that your hair finally left you. :)

Ron in Houston said...

Blogging is work, no doubt about it. Your insider accounts of "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center" would be missed by this reader if they were gone.

Arthur Seaton said...

No no--Insults of the 4 letter variety. Foul, depraved, and horrible language is what i am thinking.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Thanks for the kind words, Ron. I check on your blog every once in a while. When are you going to start writing again?

Seer said...


Anonymous said...

I have recommended your blog to Court staff (you know bailiffs are bored and play on the internet all day) and lawyers that work in other counties and are in no way associated with HCCJC and they love it. We can't wait for the next post. The last time I talked with a bailiff about it he said "That guy needs to run for DA"

Anonymous said...

Family 1st--you're a good man, Murray.

The nasty fucking troll and her girly boys hate Ron in Houston. Hope that makes your day.

NoMoreNoloContendere said...

AHCL, Thanks for the update. I'm sure that we can all agree that ones personal life comes first, law pratice second & last but not least blogging.

I think you are the one that said, "Do the right thing" so continue to live right by yourself & others & the blog will live on. It's hard to realize that you are freakin famous from coast to coast.

Q. What is the difference between a lawyer & an attorney? The one that my wife works for changed his cards & listings after 20 plus yrs.

The Troll said...

You won't have me to kick around much longer.
As you have probably heard through your vicious rumor mill I am going to resign to run for AG. A seven month stint as the elected DA of Harris County has not gone to my head but rather is a great stepping stone for State office. I had promised Jimmy that he would be appointed DA in return for his endorsement in the Republican Runoff. We all know I wouldn't have been elected but for his intervention so I do owe the boy. But Roger is more able to further my political aspirations then Jimmy, who is a 3 time loser, so I might get Roger appointed DA instead. What a quandary!
Any way, look how I cleaned up the corruption in Harris County; just think what I can do for the great State of Texas.
Coldest regards,
Your Favorite Judge

Anonymous said...

I think you overestimate the impact your blog has on Lykos and company. They're going to do what they do, and your audience will continue to be mainly disgruntled current and former employees.

It looks to me like that poster was saying that if you don't have a complaint about Lykos to talk about, you don't talk about much at all. There has to be more going on at the CJC than just Lykos screw-ups.

Anonymous said...

How are all them newly elected judges working out?
Life as we know it didn't end, just curious, Judges always seem to dodge the bullet (except in Galveston).

Anonymous said...

I think you should blog on who Jillian should choose: Kypton, Reid or Ed. It's been the most interesting Bachelorette in Bachelorette history.

shg said...

Thanks for the kind words, Murray.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many hits your blog gets on a daily basis but I can tell you that I am an out of county prosecutor and I'm not the only prosecutor in my office who routinely reads your blog. Your discussipn of issues related to criminal justice issues is informativeand the insight into what's happening with the Harris County DA's office is of interest to prosecutors throughout Texas. Keep up the good work.