Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buck Files for State Bar President

Normally, criminal law attorneys (whether prosecutors or defense attorneys) don't get all that wrapped up in State Bar elections.  Usually the candidates that are running are civil lawyers that we criminal law folks have never encountered in a professional setting.

This year, however, that has changed with Tyler-based Criminal Defense Attorney, Buck Files, running for president of the State Bar.

I don't know Mr. Files, personally, but I have gotten numerous endorsements of him from both defense attorneys and prosecutors.  My understanding is that, if elected, Mr. Files would become the first Bar President to serve who worked in primarily in the criminal law arena.

So, if you haven't voted in the Bar Election, please hurry up and do so.  It is a rare opportunity for those of us who practice in the CJC to have our interests represented by one of our own.

You can vote by going to this website:

The deadline is May 2nd.


Alex Bunin said...

I do know Buck and he would be an outstanding Bar President.

Anonymous said...

I know Buck, and if I were ever charged with a crime, he is the first person I would call to defend me. He is a fantastic attorney will do an outstanding job as Bar president.