Monday, July 23, 2012

David Hilburn for Brazos County District Attorney

Early voting begins today for the run-off elections in the Republican and Democratic primaries across the State of Texas, and one of Harris County's favorite alumni could use some help up in my old stomping grounds.

David Hilburn, a former Harris County and Brazos County prosecutor, is running for District Attorney in Brazos County.  Although most of you who read this blog vote in Harris County, I hope you will send a link to this post to anyone you know who is a registered voter in Brazos.  The turnout is expected to be pretty small.

David is an outstanding candidate for District Attorney and his background makes him the best choice for Brazos County, in particular.  He grew up in Lockhart, Texas before coming to Texas A & M University.  He was an active and popular member of the Corps of Cadets.  During his time at A&M, David knew that he wanted to be a criminal prosecutor and he worked for both Caldwell County and the Brazos County District Attorney's Offices.  That's when I first met him.

After graduating, Hilburn attended the South Texas College of Law and began interning with the Harris County District Attorney's Office.  Given his experience at other District Attorney's Offices, he was assigned to assist legendary prosecutors Johnny Holmes and Devon Anderson as they prosecuted the infamous serial killer Rafael Resendez Ramirez, also known as the Railcar Killer.  It would be Mr. Holmes' last case as the District Attorney of Harris County, and David's first experience with just how important a good prosecutor is.

After graduating from law school, David joined the Harris County District Attorney's Office where he did an excellent job, winning the respect and friendship of the judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys that he worked with.  He quickly rose to the level of "Felony Two" in the Office, where he was tasked with prosecuting the most heinous cases that Harris County needed tried -- from murder to crimes against children to sexual assault.

Ultimately, Aggieland would persuade David to leave Harris County.  He returned to the Brazos County District Attorney's Office as a prosecutor and stayed there for several years.  He got married to his wife Amy and they have a little boy and a little girl.

After nine years of prosecuting over 75 jury trials, Dave joined the Law Office of James & Reynolds, where he has maintained the reputation he has always enjoyed.  He's a smart and tough lawyer, but one who is also friendly and compassionate.  He has excellent judgment and would be a great benefit to the Brazos County District Attorney's Office if elected.

David has run a very positive campaign and I have nothing bad to say about his opponent.

When you have as many excellent qualities and qualifications as David Hilburn does, it speaks for itself.

Please vote for David Hilburn for Brazos County District Attorney and tell your friends who vote in Brazos County to get out and vote.  Early voting is only held this week and he needs your help.

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