Friday, September 28, 2012

Red White and Blue with Mike Anderson and Lloyd Oliver

Okay, I'm back after a week's hiatus.

Sorry for the confusion over last week's Reasonable Doubt, and I particularly apologize to our potential guest Gemayel Haynes.  We had a scheduling mix up that we didn't learn about until we arrived at the studio on Thursday night.  We look forward to having Gemayel on once our episodes resume after the break.

If you need to get your local cable access on Harris County Politics, you should check out tonight's Red White and Blue hosted by Gary Polland and David Jones.  Judge Mike Anderson will once again face off with Leaping Lloyd Oliver on PBS tonight.

The show is on tonight at 7:30 on Channel 8, but if you can't wait that long, it is already airing on-line by clicking here.

I've started watching it and it is certainly quite animated.  Lloyd starts off by arguing with David Jones. It progresses from there.

At one point Lloyd literally states "There are some people - I don't understand it -- but part of their making love is beat up one another first."

Clearly, taking his domestic violence platform more seriously has not been a primary goal of Lloyd's over the past few months.

I highly recommend tuning in!


Anonymous said...

Watched the debate and I just want to know what was that dribble from Polland. He still mad that he is nothing and his candidate did not win the primary? He really needs to get over himself.

Lloyd, well that says it all. What an embarrassment. I know a large number of democrats who will be voting republican in the DA race.

Anonymous said...

Please hurry, Mr Anderson! Patsy put out a memo that the HCDAO will no longer sign for property that they take custody of for a trial. She said it is to preserve the chain of custody....even though this idiot says they HCDAO can keep the property on premise. Patsy, you ignorant (insert your favorite slur here), if you are ordering your personnell to take custody of evidence with out signing for it, that IS breaking the chain of custody.

Oh yeah, it was also accompanied by one of her usual threats. If the officer didn't want to leave the property after HCDAO personnel refused to sign for it, she would subpoena the officer.......hasnt she had enough problems with subpoenas?

Leave, Patsy, and leave soon.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd is a characterture of himself.

Anonymous said...

Lykos is behaving like a drowning swimmer gasping for breath and trying to take down everyone near her as she sees her power slipping away. There's no telling what stupid thing she or her equal-height First Asst will do in the waning hours of "Hurrican Pat" as it passes through the bowels of Harris County.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Lykos hater, but her post-prmary conduct is unusual. She comes to criminal justice meetings proposing legeislation and projects that clearly cannot even begin by January. Everyone kind of looks at one another wondering if she owns a calendar. She is also spending asset forfeiture money like a druken sailor.

Anonymous said...

Lykos intent is to spend every cent she can so the next DA has nothing in funding to operate with. She is also hiring more hacks that will drag down the office and give headaches to the new DA. Leitner is handing out unearned raises to those in the office who supported Lykos. She is a wicked, vengeful, chain smoking whiskey swilling POS that everyone is glad to see go.

Anonymous said...

Can Lykos be a visiting judge in Harris County? Would the rule cover a lost DA primary or is it for only a judicial election loss?

Roger Chappell said...

There is one thing I truly love about debates. Most candidates’ true colors really start to show when they are put under even a little pressure. Mr. Oliver has no business running the HCDAO. That is obvious.

What I found most interesting, however, had nothing to do with the candidates. I believe it was David Jones, (I am assuming he was the democrat), assumed, because he saw or read a news report somewhere, that the officer who shot the double amputee acted improperly. Boy did that open up a flood of thoughts and arguments against Mr. Jones. First, he is assuming what he has read or heard in the press is factual. I can tell you first hand that is almost never the case. Not that the PIO's that speak to the media are lying, they simply are giving a brief based on what they are told by the investigators on the scene. The officers involved do not talk to the press at all, including the department's PIO representative. Secondly, it appalls me that Mr. Jones makes an assumption and he has never been involved in such an incident. Finally, I am curious why he thought that just because there have been no indictments against any officers who have been involved in shootings means that there is some big conspiracy amiss. I wonder if it dawned on him that maybe, just maybe, the officers involved in these incidents acted properly and within the law. Now there's a thought.

In my experience, most people I run across who make such crass remarks about officers when they use deadly force forget one extremely important element. I don't know any officers who chose law enforcement as their career who wanted to do the job so they could shoot someone. I have known officers who committed suicide because they couldn't handle the pressure that goes along with using deadly force. Every officer who makes a split decision to use deadly force is going to get sued. That is stressful enough. The officers lay awake at night reliving the incident over and over criticizing themselves wondering what they could have done to change the outcome. Cops are human beings who have emotions just like the rest of society. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. When they go to work, they never know if that may be their last day because some person with a mental disorder or two who is off his or her meds, or some drug dealer desperate to escape, or some drunk motorist is going to take them out during their shift.

I wonder if Mr. Jones ever worries about those things in his regular job.....

Food for thought.

As far as the debate went, I expected Judge Anderson to perform well. He is the man for the job and will assume his post in January. I would be extremely disappointed otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Well stated, Roger.

Matt Dexter

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:35
Gentle Reader, rest easy. Lykos cannot sit as a visitng Judge on criminal or juvenile benches in Harris County, though not for the reason you mention. She has literally (though quite badly) represented the State of Texas in all pending criminal legislation in Harris County. This disqualifies her from presiding over ALL of those cases. She can sit by assignment in Harris County in Family or Civil Court, where undoubtedly her ingorance of those areas of law will rival her lack of knowledge of criminal law. She could also sit by assigment over all cases in other counties.

Hope this answers your question.

Anonymous said...

11:19 means litigation

Anonymous said...

What's the saying about "open your mouth and remove all doubt" of one's ignorance? Good God, the Dems in voting for Oliver were stupider than I ever imagined! But the appalling thing was the ever-arrogant Polland asking Anderson what he was going to do to "court" the Lykos supporters. Maybe he needs to be reminded that the customary thing to do after a primary is for your Loser Candidate to rally around the Party's nominee.
But hey, if Gary and Don and Pat want to vote for Oliver, well then THEY are even stupider than I ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

Gary Polland is a bigger loser than Lloyd Oliver. Does he really think Lykos supporters are going to vote for Lloyd??

Anonymous said...

They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.

Everyone but the double amputee in a wheelchair that they shot, anyway.