Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Victor Blaine

I was very sorry to hear of the passing of defense attorney Victor Blaine today.

He was an extremely distinguished lawyer that I had the honor of knowing since I was a baby prosecutor in 1999.  He had been around just a little longer than I had.  According to the State Bar website, he graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1952 and had been practicing in Texas since 1955.

I don't have any specific war stories about the man that I always called "Mr. Blaine."  He was a constant presence around the CJC and was always the model of a true Southern Gentleman.

He embodied all that was honorable about the legal profession.  He was polite, knowledgeable, and professional at all times.  There was nothing flashy about him, yet his presence conveyed a formidable opponent through the entirety of his career.  When I was a prosecutor, setting a case for trial against Mr. Blaine was not something I took lightly.

Up until a few weeks ago, Mr. Blaine was still a regular at the courthouse, and I had no idea that he was ailing.  Despite his age, he moved easily and comfortably.  His mind was as sharp as ever.  He was friendly and always had a smile on his face.

Victor Blaine was a reminder of attorneys from the past and a sterling example to attorneys of the present and the future.

Rest in peace, Mr. Blaine.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Blaine was a true gentleman and a damned fine lawyer. He gently schooled many an ADA over the years. We shall not see his likes anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I tried several cases against Vic in the '70's and '80's. He was one of the best defense lawyers in the court house although understated and he always had a unique defense position that could slip up on a prosecutor (i.e. me) if not overly aware. He would typically spot the one issue that was weakest in my case and devote most of his trial to that narrow sometimes subtle point. He was very professional and friendly but all business in trial. I really respected him and considered it an honor to do battle with him. I will miss him. Bert Graham.

Rosa Rivera said...

Mr. Blaine was my son's attorney and we didn't find out till my son's court date that he had died. Who is taking over his cases? Who is going to represent my son now. Mr Blaines assistant Frank says he will take my son's case but now he wants more money because he has to hire another attorney to help him with the case. What do I do? I don't have any more money. I had already paid Mr. Blaine the $20,000.00 for my son's case. What do I do to get my representation or my money back