Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Day!

Most attorneys (and hopefully their clients) know by now the county buildings, including the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, will be closed tomorrow (1/28/14) for the anticipated ice storm coming our way.

It is funny to read the comments from my attorney friends on Facebook.  The responses are eerily similar to the ones all my friends and I had when school was cancelled for a snow day when I was in 6th grade.


Anonymous said...

You got a new photo. It looks good - though, I do miss your personal impression of Michael Chiklis from his days on "The Shield."

Anonymous said...

These thought are not relevant to any previous "Post". Simply wanting to share a snip-it of time travel back to the old Criminal Courthouse:

It was 8:45 a.m. on a day in June 1987. Outside the old criminal courthouse it was hot. About an hour later inside the 230th on the fifth floor of this same building,
it would get even hotter—very, very quickly.

As many will recall from the old structure there were no metal
detectors and the stairs were ablaze with the stampeding
sound of footwear, from all walks of life, making their way shoulder to shoulder up and down the building’s innards.

For those having the time to wait for an elevator, there was the added luxury of a nice elderly lady who pushed a lever to pilot these antique boxes. I shall never
forget the smells in the confines of this closed space: burnt tobacco; eggs, bacon, and fresh-brewed coffee from the basement coffee shop; perfume, cologne, and
body odor from the chain of inmates in tan jumpsuits who had left the same place mere hours earlier.

It was on such a day that I first reported for duty in Judge Kegans’ court.

(To Be Continued)

L. Standley

Anonymous said...


When will your endorsements come out?

Did you see where Lowry split his endorsement for District Clerk? I am surprised he didn't think of this sooner. He can literally double his income that way. No doubt polecat Polland will follow suit next cycle.