Monday, July 21, 2014

Will Womble, Eat your Heart Out

I'll admit it.  For years, I was totally jealous that my dear friend Will Womble had this.

For some reason, I was notified just this week that I now had this.

My life is now complete.

NOTE:  I've now worked on 10 different episodes of Cold Justice.  I don't know why I'm only getting credit for one.  I will have to take this up with the Screen Actors' Guild, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Murray! Great show!

Hey, trivia question: Does your Aggie ring also qualify you for JAG status?

Anonymous said...

I've never seen someone so excited to be labeled as "miscellaneous crew."

Anonymous said...

Just wait til I get done with your Wikipedia page.


A Harris County Lawyer said...

Anon 8:47 a.m.,

Anonymous said...

Have you had a cameo role yet? America would love our very own Murray Newman.

Anonymous said...

You do realize it is not a true credit until you have a speaking role, right? Womble is still winning.

-just saying.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Of course Womble is winning.

He played attorney Dodge Rosen. How could I ever compete with THAT?? Role of a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

At least you never made the deadbeat dad list like other bloggers out there.