Wednesday, December 28, 2016

One of My Odder Facebook Friend Requests . . .

I had this pop up in my Facebook feed a few days before Christmas, unexpectedly.

It was Christmas Time, so I thought in the spirit of the season, I'd accept.

Alas, he unfriended me a few days later.

Such a tease, Jim.  Such a tease.


Anonymous said...

That's right up there with inviting Devon back as an ADA!

Anonymous said...

He's back!!! Although as GJ and Intake Chief, the universe of prosecutors who have to gaze upon his magnificence is much smaller than when he was Judge Party's Chief Kool Aid Mixer.

A few thoughts on the others who will be a part of "Team Ogg":

1. Musick, King and Cloud are extremely talented, and will serve as good role models for younger, less experienced prosecutors.

2. Barnett leaving the office several years ago was a tremendous loss. Glad to see her back.

3. Has Denholm ever prosecuted a case?

4. No appellate or conviction integrity chief on this list? I can only imagine this is because Kim is perfect and there will be no need for those divisions.

5. Clappart? Really?

Anonymous said...

3. He has never even investigated a case while assigned as a Supervisor at HCSO Homicide.

Anonymous said...

We hear Leitner is already working after hours intake for extra $.