Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update on the CJC - Tuesday 9/16/08

Sorry I haven't been updating regularly. I've been having trouble getting a wireless connection which is kind of necessary when you've got no power or cable.

Here's the deal for tomorrow for those of you who work at the CJC.

Everyone is expected back tomorrow and it is requested that you arrive early for a massive docket pulling festival. There will be four days worth of cases to pull the docket for. In addition, Marie Munier sent out the following e-mail:

Intake will be pulling each court's new PIA/PACA docket and dividing them by courts for tomorrow. Each court will get the cases filed since last Thursday. The volume is not as much as one would expect because during the storm, nothing was filed and only essential cases have been filed since then. An issue for the courts tomorrow will be getting the bodies from the jail to the courts because some elevator in the jail is not working at this time, and the inmate walk can't be used, so they will need to use the old chain system or something else.

In addition to the PIA/PACA dockets, the DA's in each court will need to pull up the Wed. docket like any other day to get those cases to court. The felony courts plan to have two dockets tomorrow, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Take all cases to court in the morning.

Misdemeanor coordinators have been resetting a lot of their bond cases. PIA/PACA dockets for these courts will be pulled as usual by Darla Simpson on Wednesday morning. Run your usual morning dockets and take thoses cases to the courts along with your PIA/PACA dockets.

I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any questions, just post them, and I will try to get to them.

Tomorrow is going to be a really long day.

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