Monday, September 1, 2008

Perhaps Some Just For Men would Help

Ah, poor Mark Bennett.

The polls closed on the "Guess the Age" vote I did in honor of his birthday last week, and the majority of you (29%) guessed that my friend was older than 46 years of age, while only a solitary vote thought he was 35 years old (for which, Mark would probably like to thank his lovely wife, Jennifer).
Well, folks, the gray hair actually disguises the fact that Mark is a relatively youthful 38 years of age. Yes, I was a little shocked, myself. Here I was considering Mark to be some sort of aged speaker of wisdom (much like Yoda), and I find out he's barely two years older than I am!
Somehow, I'm thinking Mark needs to incorporate his age into the portion of his voir dire on Reasonable Doubt, for future reference.
In the meantime, Happy Birthday Mark!


HPD 101 said...

38 must be a typo.....MB is at least 48, correct? Otherwise his appearance coupled with his biological age will jeopardize the legitimacy of eye witness testimony.

Anonymous said...

Plurality is not the same thing as majority. hth

Also, please drop the word verification captcha from your comment policy.