Monday, October 20, 2008

The Chronicle Endorses Pat Lykos

I got an e-mail bright and early this morning from my old friend/arch-Nemesis (kidding!)Alan Bernstein checking to make sure I had seen that the Chronicle had endorsed Pat Lykos for District Attorney. Alan was bringing to my attention my comments earlier this year (under one of my more conspiratorial days) where I predicted that the Chronicle folks were supporting Lykos during the primary so that they could turn around and endorse Bradford in November.

He wanted to make sure that I knew I was wrong!

Well, this whole "being wrong" thing isn't something that is all that new to me, but I am more than willing to address the topic for old times' sake.

I'm still thinking out the D.A.'s race and I plan on addressing it in the next day or so, once I'm done with my analysis of all the Judicial Races. But there were a couple of things that I found interesting about the Chronicle's endorsement.

Although endorsing Lykos, the article seems to give her a bit of criticism on her personal skills and demeanor. The endorsement notes "She has been criticized privately and officially for poor listening skills and brusqueness with colleagues and subordinates".

At the same time, they never really list what exactly they have against Clarence Bradford, other than noting [regarding the crime lab scandal] that "the corruption and ineptitude in that lab began before former Police Chief Bradford took office, but his under-aggressive responses have weakened his leadership credentials".

They also list several ideas that Bradford had as part of his platform and they stress that they hope that "Lykos should take them seriously".

I guess what I'm getting at here is that although the Chronicle gave Lykos the official nod, they sort of seemed rather half-assed about it, and they surely didn't really come out with guns blazing against Bradford. About the only thing the editorial is decisive about is pointing out the District Attorney's Office's "long-standing dysfunctions".

Like I said, I'm still in the middle of a lot of mixed emotions when it comes to the D.A.'s race, but I'm still feeling pretty solid in my dislike of the Chronicle editorial board (which Alan is not a part of). The folks there just seem to have a really solid dislike of the D.A.'s Office and those who work there.

But, for the meantime, Alan, I will admit that you were right and I was wrong.

Kind of.


Mark Bennett said...

Didn't someone famous say, "people don't change"?

No, I think it was just Pat Lykos.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein is a petty little ninny. Can you imagine a "big city" reporter actually sending such an email. "I told you so Alan.." He is a joke. Sorry, I find much humor in that.

CO Badfor Harris County said...

Pat Lykos is a rockstar!

Go Pat Go!!

see for your self -

Muck said...

Funny. I had the same reaction when I read the endorsement. I figured for certain the Chron would endorse Bradford. Was suprised it didn't. But couldn't really figure out, based upon the endorsement, what it was that made the editorial board prefer Lykos over Bradford.

I should note that I don't have a strong preference for either candidate and in fact can't vote in this race (live in the wrong county).

Anonymous said...

if only if only...if only magidson could just stay on...