Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Brian Coyne Mastercard Commercial

Rose-tinted Sunglasses - $120
Fashionably Questionable Tie - $150
Ostrich Skin Briefcase - $900
Messing With Prosecutors - Funny
Forgetting Your Umbrella - Priceless


elcaballodiablo said...

Great post. I guess you couldn't squeez "Rolex from "client" charged with Theft" in the list.

J said...

Best thread on your blog in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I'll ask him about his umbrella the next time he comes to my court.

Hawaii007 said...

Sunglasses are $1,200.00. Ties $185.00 Briefcase several $$$ Nasty little boys playing with Mr Coyne's umbrella, shame on you all :) !!! Show some respect for Mr COyne. Did I forget to tell you that His lovely wife dresses him ? Yes, she does, Lucky Man. Lets just say He is blessed ! Nickname ; No It's not GREEN for money. I'll keep this a little secret in the courthouse but I speak 12 languages. Can you guess who I'm ? I'll tell you more secrets about The Coyne Att. Lets just see how smart you are !!! :)CATCH ME :)