Monday, February 15, 2010

The Witch Hunt

So, I just got back from a much needed vacation for a couple of days in the arctic tundra known as New York City.

I don't even get off the plane before my cell phone starts lighting up with questions over me being called into Lykos' office to answer questions about where I got the offense report dealing with the Rachel Palmer/Don Hooper incident.

Now, first of all, let's explore the idiocy of this rumor:

1. I don't work for the Old Goat, so the idea of her "calling me in" to her office is beyond silly.

2. Under the Journalist Shield Law that she supported in her sucking up to the Chronicle, my sources would be protected.


3. I've never seen the offense report.

So, this rumor that I'm hearing apparently traces back to none other than Don Hooper, himself, and his new best friend, Danny Dexter. (NOTE: This shows that Danny lacks judgment, just FYI).

The rumor is apparently that I got "called in" to see Cruella de Vil herself, and I named who had given me the offense report and I've agreed not to write anything about the Court 13 race until after the election.

So, where to begin?

First of all, although I have heard about the offense report from multiple, multiple, multiple sources who HAVE seen it, I will swear on a stack of Bibles that I have never seen it with my own eyes. If you would like to go back and review the blog, you will quickly see that I have never purported to have seen the offense report, either. I will admit that the thought crossed my mind to ask someone for a copy, but then I thought that there might be the slight chance that a mean and vindictive elected official such as Pat Lykos might just conduct a witch hunt for whoever might have given me said offense report.

So, imagine my shock when I heard that Pat Lykos was conducting a witch hunt to find out who ran the offense report about her darling Rachel.

Dammit, Patsy, I thought you were busy crunching the stats to figure out why there were so many murders last weekend. Was it an anomally or was it organized crime? Inquiring minds want to know.

But, alas, although the KGB side of Rachel Palmer's campaign is actively searching to see who might have leaked information to the enemy, there was no such leak. No person has provided me with any type of written material on the incident.

But I am glad to see our tax dollars at work, Snooks.


Anonymous said...

I heard that as a result of this you got re-re-fired.

Anonymous said...

Now this may be the funniest post yet. I hope it is true just to show the stupidity of things going on in the DAs office.


Agree with anon 9:04. I really do hope you run against her ass. I realize you've never voiced that intention, but I'm just prodding the thought.

You can think about that while Patsy thinks about why Houston has a lot of random murders sometimes. She should check out the old Chronicles and Houston Press, from the past hundred years or so.

There were parts of town tending to be so bloody in Houston over the past 100 years that the police often didn't go in until the light of day in some situations. The Bloody Fifth, Dowling and Lyons, the various nooks and crannies of the Ship Channel all the way from the East side to the loop, and I could go on and on.

It doesn't take the late Sig Byrd to tell the story of how Houston has a history of being very coincidentally homicidal at times, ending up with multiple unrelated homicides over a few days.

I've been chuckling at this since Murray mentioned it on his blog. I wondering if she's studying the facts and figures and reading throught the crime analysis reports for the areas RIGHT NOW as I type this?

Anonymous said...

Hooper has hit an all time low with the Junior High game of telephone he started all in an attempt to keep the bloggers frightened till after primaries. It sure backfired cause now were talking about it all over again.

And dog gone it Danny I like you but you gotta pick your friends for their character not the size of their bank account.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, is this a gimmick to improve ratings? Are going to show the luge death video next? Or the SI swimsuit photos?

You've got to be making this one up.

Patsy can not be that big of an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:23 no, apparently not made up. Lykos is studying the murder rate to determine the cause. Lykos has had the Palmer OR flagged and anyone who has pulled it up to read or do whatever with it has been called to Don McWilliams office. Would that be the same Don McWilliams who donated $100 to the Palmer campaign?

Warning to all ADA's, don't pull up the report or you will be pulled up to the 6th floor.

Anonymous said...

Although the offense report referred to herein apparently focuses on the alleged misconduct of an individual aspiring for a judicial robe and that individual's person of interest, the true offense report under scrutiny and sought to be obtained by the Harris County D.A. in her described witch hunt, and with the intent to be schredded, might be more likely in the nature of that suggested below:
"Election Day 2008" - Inspector Clauseau responded to a report of a violation of TEX. ELECTION CODE, Sec. 2999.031(a)(c)(4)(i) (1901), and in which it was asserted by many that misguided and misinformed voters of Harris County, Texas,were once again casting their votes for a patently unqualified candidate, after having aleady done so earlier in a primary and run-off election. Although finding such accusations seemingly to be accurate, I was unable to file charges at the DA Intake due to limitations, and estoppel. Will await action of Secretary of State who is responsible for certifying election results.
Supplement: January 1, 2009 -Secretary of State certified results. Individual, a/k/a by numerous names subsequently acquired, none of which are flattering, sworn in. Surrounds herself with numerous "voter-rejects" and former staff from defeated Republican County Attorney's office, as well as symbiontic ally from former election cmapaigns. Enhancment offenses since January 1, 2009, too numeorus -see attachment, Case referred to voters in 2012 for hoped for nolle of 2008 results. Note - Beware of the Ides of March, a/k/a as the Blue Hairs the next time.

Anonymous said...

If nothing else (although there are many reasons not to vote for Rachel Palmer) Vote against her just to piss off Lykos!

And on another note, who the hell does Don Hooper think he is?

He has always been seen following elected officials around and if they stopped too fast he would be a POPSICLE STICK.

Anonymous said...

This post has put me over the top laughing…Please say it isn’t so!!! Sometimes reality is just a phone call away. The good news is that a real living Danny Dekster answers when Hooper calls; it will be a bad day when Danny PHANTOM answers because we will all know Hooper has LOST HIS MIND!

Can anyone confirm the date of the Hooper/Palmer wedding? Surely darling Rachel wants to lock in the Hooper fortune ASAP...better hurry because Danny PHANTOM is only a phone call away!

Anonymous said...

If this Lykos-Palmer-Hoopergate incident is fact based and not a mere rumor it is incredulous to have not been reported by ANY major Houston Media.
Pathetic love note emails and jokes with racial/sexual overtones are a ten (10) day news saturation event on all channels as well as the Chronicle when DA Rosenthal uses his County computer.
However, when media whore DA Lykos uses her elected position of power to actively and knowingly cover up illegal activity of a close friend and subordinate; not only does the wrongdoer get a free pass but the public doesn't get a mere ten (10) seconds of coverage for this conspiracy by a single source, other than Murray's blog.
So IF the allegations are true....
Early voting has started without this information being made available to the public and shame on the self righteous media if they are complicit in this cover up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:56, you are not familiar with the Lykos plausible deniability. How many emails addressing policy or a particular case are done by Lykos? If you never write anything down, then you did not say or order it. If you give instruction in one to one conversations, then clearly the other person is not telling the truth. Nothing will be traceable to her because she leaves not tracks.

Anonymous said...

The track she leaves, unfortunately, is a District Attorney's Office in utter shambles. What was once a fairly smooth, round wheel that could roll on its own, now is five- sided and give the wagon quite a bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...


It is strongly suggested that henceforth all conversations between you and Lykos or her cronies be covertly recorded so as to negate the plausible deniability defense.
This applies to telephonic as well as in person contacts. Your job and reputation might depend on it. and EZ-Toyz Surveillance can hook you up with inexpensive covert audio recording devices. Remember, so long as 1 party to the conversation is privy to the recording it's cool.

Anonymous said...

I'm not real sure you're covered by the shield law, but an internal investigation that will make public something she's kept hidden so far isn't one that she's going to test you on, either. Not to mention the fact that it's a public record, so her internal witch hunt is for HOUR purposes, not a true investigation.

Should be fun to see how it plays out though.


jigmeister said...

It might be fun to be called down to Patsy's office. Just to confirm the what marvelous expansion she has done. Afraid you might be frisked though.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Rachel Palmer looked at and probably ran the offense report herself. Did she get called to the 6th floor and have to answer Don McWilliams questions? I am sure not. If anyone gets fired over this incident, it ought to be her.

And, wow, how stupid can the Lykos administration be? Here they at least assist in blatantly covering up a possible criminal matter for a cronie, which I might add doesn't pass the smell test, then when the cat gets let out of the bag, do they ignore it? No, they actively look for those that might have leaked the information. If that doesn't completely look like Lykos is trying to hide something, then what does? Rosenthal wasn't even that stupid. And, Anon 8:56, you are absolutely right, not 1 word from the media.

I hear they didn't charge this Hooper clown with anything because the neighbors didn't want to. Ask yourself this, if you had a neighbor who badged his way into your home and threatened to have you arrested and you knew that his fiancee was an ADA who had the ear of the DA, would you want charges filed? I don't think so. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Just sayin' 2:48,
I wonder if anyone in the media appreciates or even understands the degree of incompetence and petty vindictiveness that runs rampant on the 6th floor of the CJC?
Lykos does not even attempt to hide her arrogance and total disdain for the "Rule of Law".
Someone needs to do an ACORN sting on this joke of a DA Administration...maybe a Pulitzer carrot might rekindle journalistic integrity at The Chronicle? Nah, what was I thinking?

Anonymous said...

Wow! And I thought we had issues at the Sheriff's Office. The once respected District Attorney’s Office is becoming a laughing stock in the legal arena.
What is Patsy going to do for an encore?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:07, becoming the laughing stock, it is the laughing stock.

Jacked & Coked said...

Robert a/k/a Bobby,a big money donor of Political Pat, gets stopped for a DUI. He badges the officer with one of Patsy's spare DA badges that is given to all big time political donors, flips off the cop, throws his empties at the officer's cruiser along with a full liter of Jack Daniels which busts out the officer's windshield and subsequently flees the scene. During the pursuit Bobby runs a red light and T Bones Lisa Faulkenburg and Rick Casey who are out "having cocktails" together killing them both--but only after a protracted agonizing hospital course due to 4th degree burns to 98% of each of their bodies.
The issue is whether or not Bobby's enhancements will be PALMERGATED, HOOPERGATED and LYKOSGATED so that Bobby is eligible for DIVERT or whether the "Rule of Law" is applied to Pat's political Pals like it is for us common folks?
Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

"killing them both--but only after a protracted agonizing hospital course due to 4th degree burns to 98% of each of their bodies."


You really allowed that to be posted? Really inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:03 said:
"killing them both--but only after a protracted agonizing hospital course due to 4th degree burns to 98% of each of their bodies."


You really allowed that to be posted? Really inappropriate."

1. ADAs are faced with prosecuting bad people and bad personal consequences such as vehicular homicides on a regular basis as part of their job description.
2. No one was advocating the deaths of 2 Chronicle reporters. Would you have preferred the reading of an actual OR with real names of real victims? Would that have been more appropriate? Should we all pretend that horrific human tragedy just doesn't occur? Check out the gun and knife show at a major trauma center on any given Saturday night and let me know how appropriate that kind of real life violence is.
3. Human life, even that of a bottom dwelling reporter, is sacred and should not be bargained away for political favor....that was the point.
4. Wake the fuck up Missy.

Anonymous said...

A vote for Rachael Palmer is a vote for Judge Pat!
Judge Pat was the best candidate in 2008 and Judge Palmer is the best choice today.
Rachael will do for the CCL 13 what Judge Pat has done for the DA's office. The DIVERT program has already reduced the jail overcrowding issues of the Rosenthal era and the Rule of Law has replaced the good old boy corruption that plagued the office before Judge Pat took charge.
So gather up your right thinking friends, bring your Link Letter sample ballot and vote early.

Anonymous said...

The witch hunt - Snookems needs to look in the mirror..."mirror, mirror on the wall - who's the wickedest of them all" YIKES

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing these commercials of Rachel Palmer talking about all the ATM robberies and how she wants to make things safe. Since when do Misdemeanor Judges handle robberies?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:13 - She also states in the commercial “I will work as hard as you do”. It is a pathetic statement considering her day entails tattling, kissing Patsy's ass and going to campaign luncheons while her fiancĂ©e spends his days threatening neighbors, intimidating bloggers and following elected officials. Come on Rachel - being AT WORK is not analogous to WORKING HARD.

Anonymous said...

ATM robberies

That's Ass-To-Mouth. She's basically saying that we should have no gays here, in an attempt to get all the precinct chairs to vote for her.

(Never go ass to mouth)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jacked&amp, your hypothetical is not even remotely realistic because everybody knows it was just an accident and accidents aren't crimes.

Anonymous said...

"Witch Hunt" continues....

The 6th floor has issued letters of admonishment to all those who printed the offense report "we dare not speak of."

Said letter will be placed in each person's personnel file.

Anonymous said...

Since the culprits have seen the expansion on the 6th floor (while listening to a lecture) and now have a Lykos autograph on a letter in their permanent file - can one of the cuprits share the full report (Just to piss off Lykos)

Hey - if Murray has a copy he actually will be re-re-re-fired.