Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Refresher on Run-Off Voting

Early voting begins on Monday, and with only one race on the ballot that directly affects those of us around the CJC, you can expect the turnout to be pretty darn low. That makes your vote count more than usual, so don't forget to vote or (worse) don't refrain from voting because you think you can't.

Just remember these two simple things if you have doubts about your eligibility to vote in the Republican run-off.

1. Even if you didn't vote in the general primary in March, YOU CAN STILL VOTE IN THE RUN-OFF.

2. The ONLY thing that prohibits an otherwise eligible voter from voting in the Republican run-off is if they voted in the Democratic primary in March.

Simple rules, folks.

Don't be lazy. Go vote on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Vote early because there will only be 73 voting locations for all the precincts in Harris County on April 13. Early voters can vote at any early voting location. On April 13 you have to vote at your assigned location. Look at and early voter locations. Find one and vote for Marc Brown.