Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reasonable Doubt (11/17/11)

Join me and Todd Dupont for Reasonable Doubt tomorrow night (Thursday, November 17th) at 8 p.m.

Our guest will be defense attorney and Grand Juror (no, not a 185th Grand Juror) Carmen Roe, who will talk to us about the basic mechanics of how Grand Juries work and what it is like to serve.

As always, you can tune in and watch it live streaming by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the 185th, is there any new information about who has been subpoenaed to appear or what direction this seems to be heading in?

Anonymous said...

Good show tonight.Wish there could have been a discussion about the bad behavior of some of the Judges and what lawyers need to do about that.

Anonymous said...

Care to mention which judges specifically? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

To All the Frustrated Readers of This Blog:

As a long-time Republican activist, I'd like to assure you that the vast majority of Republican activists really do want to have the best DA's office possible. They just have never heard any of the information told on this blog. Only a tiny fraction have heard of this blog and almost none are aware of the Reasonable Doubt show.

I encourage all of you to take action to get the information out of just the legal community and, instead, into the much larger Republican voter forum.

Instead of just making snide remarks about Republican activists, do something to get the word out! Those of you who no longer work in the DA's office are free to talk. Everyone else is counting on you to speak for them!

Look on the Harris County Republican Party website at, choose "Our Party" at the top, and go to "calendar." Start attending Republican and Tea Party events and telling your side of the story. I assure you that you will meet a lot of nice people and none of us bite.

The reason Republicans at those meetings think everything is wonderful at the DA's office is because none of you are there telling them anything different! For word to get to them, you are going to have to go their world. They cannot become criminal attorneys between now and March, but you can all become Republican activists!

So,please, stop slamming Republican activists and, instead, come join us and educate us.! Then, volunteer your time and get involved in campaigns and change things!

As you probably all know, there are several contested races for criminal district judge. If none of you come to Republican events, how are Republican activists supposed to know which candidates are best?

So please, please, stop slamming each other and Republicans, and come out and do something about it!

Republican Activist

Anonymous said...

Don't know which Judges 9:42 wants to complain about but we do hear a certain misdemeanor Judge is about to get the same treatment Mike Wilkenson got years ago for showing up late. This Judge posts late if at all. Here's a hint, the Judge's first name is not Moe or Curly. The same network that showed Wilkenson feeding his cows is doing this story, we hear.