Sunday, June 22, 2008


One my readers, whom I'll call "J.D." was kind enough to alert me to this article out of Dallas.

It seems that Craig Watkins has been doing some side-lawyering when not busy being a "PR Dream" for prosecutors.

It would be really nice if prosecutors could earn some extra income by drawing legal fees for side jobs like, say, doing a divorce for a friend, or writing a will.

But the law says that you can't. You just have to stick to that ultra-high paying government salary (and the side perk of being universally loved). (NOTE: Please read this mini-paragraph with as much sarcasm as you can muster.)

But not only is District Attorney Watkins doing some side-lawyering, he's also assisting in a little bit of mortgage fraud. I'm willing to give D.A. Watkins the benefit of the doubt and say that I really doubt he knew he was aiding in mortgage fraud.

However, he should have known better with the whole side-lawyering thing.


Mark Bennett said...

Well, as long as he wasn't side-lawyering while his license was suspended!

jigmeister said...

Congratulations to Windy Baker for putting another gangster away.

Anonymous said...

WTF is he thinking? Why would he as a DA not try to keep even above the appearance of any impropriety - especially considering what you've seen down the road in Harris County.

Anonymous said...

Side lawyering is allowed by State Law for all but the elected DA, with some exceptions. In many jurisdictions, ADA's are allowed to have a side law practice, depending upon how much they make.

I believe, but am not sure, that in some extremely small multi-county judicial districts that even the DA or CA are permitted a private practice of law. Like some of those almost forgotten areas of West Texas.

In a few jurisdictions with large offices, ADA's are prohibited by policy from practicing law on the side. But some larger offices allow a non-trial civil practice for ADA's.


Anonymous said...

FYI: 2 links to stories run by the local Dallas CBS affiliate regarding additonal allegatons of misconduct by the Dallas DA.