Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ted Busch

Bert Graham sent out the following e-mail regarding the passing of former First Assistant Ted Busch. Mr. Busch had left the Office long before I arrived, so I will print Bert's e-mail here:

From: Graham, Bert
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 1:05 PM
To: All DA Employees
Subject: Legend of this Office has died.

Ted Busch, former First Assistant District Attorney of the Harris County District Attorney's Office died two days ago. He was my good friend and mentor and he will be missed by those of us who stayed in contact with him through the years. He was a career prosecutor having started here in the early 1960's and retiring as First Assistant D.A. in 1987. He was smart and extremely dedicated to helping provide a quality prosecutors office while seeing that justice was done.

Ted was definitely what I would call a "character" because of his eccentricities, but they were mostly the endearing type. For example, he never agreed to accept social security because he thought his retirement check from the county was enough, and he thought the program might last a little longer if it didn't have to pay him. Everyone that knew him has a different story to tell about his unique outlook and personality. Each one brings a smile.

He spent his retirement years in Fort Stockton, Texas and every six months he would meet several of us in Salado, Texas for 3 days of golf. He has a brother in Minnesota. I am not sure when, where or if there will be a service.

I am proud to have served with Ted Busch.


jigmeister said...

There is big hole in my heart because of the passing of Ted. He was a true mentor of those of my generation. The stories of the antics and mannerisms of Ted and Alan Stilley still bring a laugh, like the stories of the "Pink Pussycat", filling the backseat of a county car with dirt, the bow ties and plaid sports jacket with the lining hanging down that he wore every day. He was a great listener to a point: He let you grouse for a few minutes and then let you have it like George Patton. I miss him a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Ted was a man of his word. He was a good friend to my family.


Anonymous said...


Theodore Paul “Teddy Bear” Busch

....A Master of Minutiae
....Steel-trap Sense of Recall
....A Voracious Reader
....Contender for Guiness” World’s Slowest Eater” Award
....A True FRIEND for Eternity!!

from The 50th & Bryant Athletic Club (Hdqrtrs: Nolan’s Station) Minneapolis, MN

Surviving Members:
J. T. “Jimmy” Wilson
J. “Pat” Gleason
Robert “Bob” Harvey
Johnny Moore John “Jack “Swift
David Savoie
John Metcalfe
Robert “Bob” Zimmerman
Sheldon “Sonny” Strand
Raymond “Ray” Gleason
Robert “Bobby” Bachman