Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where Are They Now: David Hilburn

I was recently alerted by former Harris County ADA (and current Brazos County ADA) David Hilburn that he had gotten some local acclaim in the Bryan/College Station area for his attempted heroics in a Brazos County Courtroom.

Uh, it didn't turn out so well for him. Who would have ever thought that an ADA in Brazos County would be facing more danger than one in Harris County?

For those of you who don't know David Hilburn, he was probably one of the most popular ADAs to ever walk the halls of the CJC. The reason being he was just so damn nice, and so damn funny. Dave seems to be adapting well in Brazos County -- he's married up and allegedly has a bambino on the way.

Dancing Dave assured me that he is recovering well from the bump on the Noggin, and if there was any type of brain damage, well, nobody really would have noticed.

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