Friday, October 28, 2011

Black Ink's Open Letter to Kelly Siegler

Black Ink has a new post on his blog worth reading.  It is as sobering as it is accurate.

I have no idea whether or not Kelly will run again, but if she does, Black Ink has a pretty clear picture of what she'll have to go through.  That's Pat Lykos Politics and it is very disheartening to read.

If Kelly does run, she'll have my whole-hearted support.  If she doesn't . . . hell, who could blame her?


Anonymous said...

Some very valid points and observations - especially the closing Ink Made with:

" The Harris County Republican Party might not recognize it; but the citizens of Harris County are in desperate need of an honest, intelligent, dedicated, and qualified candidate to apply for the office of Harris County District Attorney...YOU are that person.

I do not recall a county election were a candidate was as brutally and unfairly attacked as you were in was disgraceful on so many levels; but you stayed in the ring, you took the body shots, the head butts and you never gave was the Harris County voter, at the end of the day, who threw in the towel..

In fact, the Kelly Siegler haters are already crawling out of the sewers against you in mere anticipation of your "possible" candidacy. They are that afraid of your courage and spirit.

Even now, in an attempt to excuse the recently exposed consequences of Lykos' incompetence, the Republican operatives are accusing you of orchestrating an anti-Lykos conspiracy. I can't believe you would even consider getting back in the ring..............thank you."

Here's why I do NOT anticipate ANYONE running against Lykos including Kelly - who is hands down the better person and WO-man for the job:

Kelly knows what I'm talking about when I say this: The POLITICAL WORLD has NO honor and is too distasteful to try and "retake the hill" this late in the game. This ain't some County Criminal Court No. 13 rally the troops either.

Doesn't make things right - but it's real. In Ink's plea for a comeback he actually states the very reason Kelly won't re-enter the race (I still predict): " Doesn't matter what the CITIZENS of this county want - PERIOD! IT IS what the REPUBLICAN PARTY FAITHFUL Cool Aid people who are NOT merely just citizens but REGISTERED VOTERS WHO DO VOTE!

It has been" Great Generals sometimes make for baby Politicians".

Just as Kelly is a superb prosecutor. Objectively, Lykos is a superb POLITICIAN!

The best or the worst or the null & void prosecutors don't get elected to by what is or is not fair. Right or wrong - only politicians get elected if the "people" get out the vote!

Ever try a case then go around polling court staff, co-workers, lawyers, etc? The only verdict that matters is the one signed by the foreman. I know countless people worked their hearts out for Kelly and I know she truly is thankful. But when it came to that damn little ole runoff. I will never forget talking to a police officer who was getting a search warrant prepared and he earnestly asked: " Say when is that D.A. runoff election deal?" I said.....5 days ago.

Sad to say but with no malice - just being factual - I think the only "candidate" that will bring down Lykos is named: "Nicotine"!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ he's a bore.

And Kelly's ass has got to hurt with his nose wedged in there so tight.


Anonymous said...

Tr: Jesus Christ he's a bore.

And Kelley's ass has got to hurt with his nose wedged in there so tight.


October 28, 2011 10:10 PM
Rage Judicata

You mean boring like this latest masterpiece you posted on your own cobweb Blog ( on Thursday, April 30, 2009 then stopped altogether because no one ever commented.

(This particular item people can see was 16 pages and almost 6,000 words long)

Phew! Now That's boring = NOW I can get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:43 - the only thing I would add:

Oh. My. God.

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Anonymous said...

Did Nick Lykos go to Hawaii?

Anonymous said...

Nick and Steve and James are playing in golf match

Ink's Wingman said...

Rage how about meeting me for a bucket of cold beer and we can talk about it? We can make arrangements on or off line your call Bubba.

Ink's Wingman

Anonymous said...

No Condifence vote for DA

snappertrapper said...

Munich Dunkel lager on tap fresh from the Fatherland. Private party at Rick's this Saturday. You in?