Wednesday, October 12, 2011


When Pat Lykos took over as D.A. of Harris County on January 1, 2009, she spent a lot of time garnering praise for herself by taking previously existing D.A. divisions, renaming them, and then claiming to have invented them.  One of the few things that she did actually create on her own was a Division (consisting of one person -- Russell Turbeville) that would be dealing with Cold Cases.

Don't get too fired up.  The Division wasn't as exciting as it sounds.  What they were really doing was looking up previously filed cases where an arrest had not been made (although the crime had been solved enough to have charges brought).  This Division basically just sees if they can get some movement from the involved police agencies to actually go arrest the accused folks on already existing warrants.  Although Lykos may take credit it for it, she ain't gonna be solving the Kennedy Assassination any time soon through this Division.

But this was an idea that Lykos got from Bill Exley's suggestion back when she first took office on 1/1/09.  It looks like she is stalling out in her campaign for attention, because apparently she decided to call in the news media to announce that she was creating it again.

It was a bold move by Lykos, who had not "created" this Division in over two and a half years since she last created it.  A bonus to her was that the article announces that she is going to "solve" crimes and it gives her the opportunity to talk about how awesome she is.

Speaking of solving crimes, how is the Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight doing on that whole "bullying investigation" that they were working on?  Solved it yet?

Didn't think so.


Anonymous said...

Good Lord how pathetic.

Mark Bennett said...

And by the way, Mr. Newman, you're fired again.


Anonymous said...

According the the US Marshals, the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force is supposed to catch wanted fugitives.

Anonymous said...

Cold Case was created after the embarrassment of a wanted fugitive who was hiding in plane sight because nobody ever told him what was going on......after 20 years.
The Sheriff's Department only goes after easy-to-catch wanted fugitives.

BLACK INK said...

Calling a whore a lady doesn't make it so.......

Pre-Lykos when the DAs office had a division called, "Special Crimes" it truly was special and its elite ADAs successfully worked up and tried Cold cases such as, "The State of Texas v. David Temple".

A Cold case by its very nature is quite difficult to navigate and prove up in a trial setting.
Thus, given Lykos' latest cold case media hype; it is indeed ironic, that the arduous task and consequences which once served as ripe fodder for ADA condemnation are now cause for celebration.

With remarkably straight faces, Lykos, Leitner, DeGuerin et al excused their own personal failings by labeling the dedication and skill of rock star ADAs as "win at all costs scalp counters".

According to the "Lykos Rule of Law":
1. unless it's a whale, the defendant must be innocent
2. the jails are currently overcrowded with wrongfully accused factually innocent folks because DNA and Brady trumped every pre-Lykos proficient prosecutor who was not afraid to try tough cases to a jury.

So how does Lykos', "I am super bounty hunter tough on crime" reconcile with her "transparent Rule of Law" gibberish?

No doubt a moot point considering the "Pat Lykos Cold Case Division" is pure political posturing, NOT SPECIAL......the odds of actually going to trial on the fruits of this farce are astronomical; let alone achieving a just result.

Ignorance is cover for the old blue hairs at the Republican luncheons who so want to believe their old sister actually is competent.

As for the average law abiding citizen who has not been a victim of crime since 2008; the media outlets ought to be ashamed.....whether they be complacent or complicit in failing to objectively inform the public as to what is REALLY going on at the CJC.

Anonymous said...

So many inmates sitting in the overcrowded jail waiting for trial year after year, their cases are becoming cold as witnesses memories fade, witnesses move away and evidence is long gone, maybe Lykos should just move all these cases to the "new" division, it seems her prosecutors are the ones making them cold.

Anonymous said...

a wanted fugitive who was hiding in plane sight

To be fair, a lot of people see planes every day.

Black Ink: YAWN


Anonymous said...

Does this reannouncement scheme work for ADAs too? For instance, can you announce to others that you're getting a raise again and make it so?

Jigmeister said...

Black Ink, didn't we have a Fugitive Apprehension unit back in the late 80s and early 90s that did the same thing?

Mark W. Stephens said...

I watched the Channel 11 news story featuring Lykos telling crooks "you can run, but you can't hide" and talking about bringing criminals to justice...and found it highly ironic.

Maybe we need to re-visit the case of Clarence Laday and the interview of Lykos...ALSO by Channel 11...where she accused the reporter of initiating a "urinating contest" before she stormed out of the interview.

Recall that Laday was charged with Murder after our investigation revealed he was observed by several witnesses leaving with the complainant, as a passenger in the complainant's car with the complainant driving. Laday was taking the complainant to buy drugs. A short while later, Laday came back. But now he was driving the complainant's vehicle and had the complainant's cell phone. And the complainant was never seen again...that is, until I found his decomposing body in a wooded field out in Crosby.

Laday was later arrested with the murder weapon, after pistol whipping his girlfriend with the same gun used to murder the complainant.

Laday gave the vehicle he stole from the complainant during the capital murder to his sister. When the car was recovered, there were two bullet holes in the drivers seat, which still had the complainant's blood stains all over it.

Oh, did I mention Laday had about 18 prior convictions with a history of robbing people after promising to take them to buy drugs?

Quick review:

1. Laday was the last person seen with the complainant while the complainant was alive. And was a passenger in Laday's vehicle.

2. Laday stole the complainant's vehicle during/after the murder and gave the stolen vehicle to his sister after he was observed driving the vehicle immediately after the complainant's disappearance.

3. Laday stole the complainant's cell phone during/after the murder.

4. The complainant was murdered during a phony drug deal that was actually a planned robbery. Laday has a history of robbing people during phony drug deals.

5. Laday was later arrested with the murder weapon.

So, what happened to Laday? After spending several months in jail, the murder charges were dropped and he was kicked. The reason given was that "Laday wouldn't confess." And we all know that you can't get a murder conviction without a confession, right?

Laday got out of jail and promptly robbed a another woman during another one of his "drug deals." Stole her car too. She didn't fight back like my complainant, so he didn't kill her. Laday was caught with the stolen car and found to be in possession of cocaine.

So, you figure this might be a great chance for the DA to save face and get this dangerous career criminal off the streets for good, right? Nope. Not Lykos. They dropped the Auto Theft charges all together and pled Laday out to 9 months for the cocaine.

Currently, he's out again and no doubt looking for his next victim.

Lykos can say "You can run, but you can't hide" all she wants. But in reality, they don't have to run. They're not going to get any jail time anyway...

Anonymous said...

Apparently, with today's onslaught of information, you actually don't have to FINISH anything - you just have to SAY you're going to do it.


BTW - I can tell you where these comments will end up...Black Ink already reminded us (again) that KS no longer works at the DA's Office and there are no "rock star" ADAs.

Next, someone will post that the only people left are 1) people close to retirement 2) brown-nosers; and/or 3) losers.

Let's just save the time and stop here, shall we?

Anonymous said...

Rage 12:47, How much longer are you going to keep being your sister's mouthpiece. We figured out a long time ago that your first name is really Nick and your last name is Lykos.

BLACK INK said...


You are,of course, correct.
Pat Lykos' nomenclature system is purely political and bears no resemblance to reality.

Anon 4:03,

Your frustration is shared.
However, if past performance has any predictive value for the future; no one should be surprised at the DA debacle. The real shock is why the non-criminal element is so Hell bent on perpetuating the fraud.

Anon 9:19,

I agree that talk is cheap......but the goods are being sold way below wholesale at 1201 Franklin and THAT disgrace is difficult to stay silent about.

It IS painfully obvious that the office has traded Rock Stars for rock bottom and that you don't seem to give a damn about the consequences.
You and I both know that apathy is what spawned Lykos and her leeches ..........and apathy is what will keep their bellies filled with blood.

I hope that at the end of the day your position of capitulation is a minority one.

Anonymous said...

I believe Pat Lykos was passed over when she took a promotional exam at HPD. Don't run and don't hide!

Anonymous said...

I believe Pat Lykos was passed over when she took a promotional exam at HPD. Don't run and don't hide!

Anonymous said...

The Harris County Democratic Party's phone number is 713-802-0085. The party chair will be interviewing individuals interested in running for office beginning November 1st.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 8:56,

That's precisely how the Lykos consortium would like to work the system on the Republican side in 2012.........well qualified non-politically connected potential candidates need not apply

Last I checked, the qualifications for candidacy for the office of District Attorney of any county in the state of Texas are:
1. US citizenship
2. Texas resident for at least twelve (12) months
3. District resident for at least six (6) months
4. active license to practice law in the state of Texas
5. at least eighteen (18) years of age on the 1st day of the term to be filled at election

*filing fee for District Attorney for the 2012 election is $1,250.00 or in lieu thereof a nominating petition with signatures of 500 registered voters
**application is filed with the respective County Chair
***application for a place on the ballot must be filed between November 12, 2011 and December 12, 2011.

This is not Havana, Tehran or Caracas. A candidate for DA in Harris County is NOT required to seek the arbitrary blessing of Chairman Mao or any other autocrat before he/she is permitted to file.

Judge Pat you are on notice.