Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And in other news . . .

Prior to the Rosenthal e-mail scandal erupting on December 27th, what promised to be the most interesting election at the CJC was the race for the 176th District Court.

The bench is currently held by Brian Rains, who is probably the least loved of the all the judges in the Criminal Courthouse (and that's me being diplomatic in my verbiage). Rains is notorious for his short temper and his angry outbursts in court, as well as his belittling of all attorneys appearing before him. His behavior towards attorneys has become so egregious, that earlier this year, there was the awkward and unlikely alliance between members of the D.A.'s office with Dick DeGeurin (of all people) in a Motion to Recuse the judge from deciding a case.

Running against Rains in the primary is Assistant District Attorney Michele Oncken (formerly Satterelli), a District Court Chief currently in the 313th District Juvenile Court. Oncken is a political newcomer, but is married to Kirk Oncken, a well-liked defense attorney at the CJC. Although Michele may be a newcomer to the political arena, the Oncken family isn't. Retired Judge Henry Oncken was a District Court judge for years and years.

On the Democratic side is defense attorney Shawna Reagin. Reagin is a fairly prominent member of the defense bar who has been very vocal in the past in her views against the District Attorney's Office.

My prediction: if the news media doesn't start devoting their attention to something other than Rosenthal's e-mails, this contest is going to travel under the radar. Under the radar is good for Brian Rains.

That's unfortunate.

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The Moose said...

Morning HCLH!

I can not believe I over-looked this one blog.

Gosh! Michele Oncken, running for Judge. AWESOME! She is a wonderful person. As my former chief in the 313th, as well as being my once-upon-a-time 2 and 3 prosecutor, I have always enjoyed working with her.

How often do you come across someone who's not only beautiful, but super smart, sweet, great sense of humor, FAIR... I can go on and on.

Good luck to her and hooray for the people if she becomes Judge.