Saturday, January 19, 2008

And it begins . . .

Alright, I've been doing this post for a little over a week now, and I've just been waiting for somebody to go ahead and throw out the first name over who they thought I was.

I also thought of at least five different people who would probably be accused of being the author when I started this blog.

In anticipation of this moment, I had already planned a course of action on it, whether the "Guesser" be right or wrong in who they guessed.

My plan: Delete the comment.

Chicken-shit of me, you ask? Perhaps.

But let me explain my reasoning. I prefer to be Anonymous, most definitely. Or at least as anonymous as I can be around such a gossip-laden place as the CJC. Also, if you got it wrong and threw the wrong name out there, I wouldn't want that person caused any potential problems for the things that I'm writing.

I certainly don't want to earn anybody an open-records request on their computer account.

So you can keep guessing, and I'll keep deleting. I'm never going to confirm or deny any person that is listed as a possible suspect. Sorry if this pisses anybody off, but that's just the way it's got to be.

Like I said in my "Who Am I" post, I'm trying to provoke thought and discussion here. Not play a guessing game on who I am.

So, I'm asking you to keep your speculation off the internet.

As to the "Anonymous" poster who made his or her guess, you based it on my list of nominees for the HHA. I work in the courthouse almost every day of the week. I think I probably know 95% of the prosecutors and about 85% of the defense bar. My personal nominees were based on people I've watched in trial or have been in trial against. Not for any other reason. I think they are all good nominees.

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Mark Bennett said...

AHCL is like the Lone Ranger. You don't try to pull his mask off.