Wednesday, January 16, 2008


The four Republican candidates met today at the Spaghetti Warehouse for a Republican function. It wasn't all that contentious, from what I hear.

Unfortunately for Kelly Siegler, she put her parking money in the wrong slot at the pay lot, and came out to find her car booted. That's never a good day for anybody, and it's also the reason I never park in those damn things.

In a move showing true political savvy and class, Candidate Mark Perry's wife took a picture.

Wow. I don't know how the Siegler campaign can survive that kind of bad P.R.

Nice, Mrs. P. Really nice.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

I don't blame her. Good campaign art is hard to come by!

I can think of some fun uses for such a picture in direct mail, e.g., suggesting voters "give her the boot."

You don't win a fist fight without throwing any punches, and there are far fewer rules in politics than in the courtroom.

Welcome to the blogosphere, btw! best,

Mark Bennett said...

Why do you call him Mark Perry? The Chron calls him Doug.

laughinguy said...

How do you know that Kelly put money in? It would make sense for her to, since $4 saves you $100, but she might have been trying to stiff them for even the $4.

besides that, doesn't she have a contract spot with the county? why not just walk the 3 blocks over there?


A Harris County Lawyer said...

gritsforbreakfast, I'm always glad to have a person with a sense of humor posting. Keep it up. Good campaign art is good to come by, and a picture of the candidate surely isn't cutting it for Capt. Perry.

Mark, I don't know why I'm calling him Mark Perry. I have to plead "brain fart". I went to high school with a Mark Perry, so I guess I'm just doing the whole wrong-name association thing. You got me.

laughinguy, you are right. Kelly does have a parking spot at the county garage. But that's a damn long walk, especially when it's cold. I'm pretty sure that she wouldn't have entered a major political race without having $4 to spare. I think we've got to chalk this one up to an honest mistake. Or else we will have to label it "Parking-Gate".

Thank you all for posting.