Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Exactly Does Lykos Have to Offer?

Alan Bernstein is back in his original duties of acting as Pat Lykos' unofficial campaign manager with his post on his little blog today. He points out that Kelly Siegler has "changed her answer" about whether or not racism existed in the Office.

I don't have the energy to address that issue tonight. I will try to get to it over the weekend (and trust me, I've got a lot to say about that issue).

What I found interesting was Pat Lykos' comment about it:

Lykos said to the racism question: "You would have to be deaf or blind not to realize that there was that element among a certain segment at the district attorney's office."

Um, okay, Patsy. What in the hell would you know about what went on within the Harris County D.A.'s Office? I mean, let's be honest here:

22 Criminal District Court Judges out of a total of 22, as well as 15 County Criminal Court at Law Judges out of a total of 15 don't allow you to sit as a visiting judge in their courtroom. You've been de facto BANNED from sitting in any criminal court in Harris County, Texas. So, seriously, what in the hell do you know about what went on in the D.A.'s Office?

You have absolutely NOTHING new to offer the position of District Attorney, other than quenching your insatiable thirst to be elected to something. You are completely disengenuous with the voters, offering to "create" positions within the Office that have been in existence for at least a decade. Your inter-personal skills when you were on the bench led to, at least, nine different court coordinators being fired or quitting rather than work for you.

The only thing you can base a platform on is to deconstruct Kelly Siegler and the rest of the Assistant District Attorneys. You have nothing positive to offer, only negative.

Maybe, just maybe, if you ever offered something where you were standing on your own merit, I would take your candidacy somewhat seriously.

As it stands now, you are no different than a meaner version of Clarence Bradford.


The Phantom Bureaucrat said...

I got the snide implications from the blog too but 2 out of 3 people responding so far made excellent points. If Kelly runs with the theme, she could run all the way into the DA's office in November. Maybe AB is more subversive than we thought.

PS: Bradford really does seem to care about people but he also shows that he will disregard anyone's rights when it becomes politically expedient according to those in the police department.

Ron in Houston said...

What does Lykos have to offer?

She'll kick those criminals in the nuts before she sends them to jail.

That's got to count for something right?

Anonymous said...

AB is afraid of Snookems...... And his editorial board.

Leif said...

Haven't you been listening, AHCL? Lykos offers a return to the rule of law.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

"What in the hell would you know about what went on within the Harris County D.A.'s Office? "

Well, we know the former DA indulged in sharing pictures of a black fellow passed out with watermelon and other racist iconage with Kelly Siegler's husband. Does that count?