Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Yesterday, Mark Bennett and I both received posts from the same person under the label of "BubbaJoe6Pack" that were clearly cut and pasted into both forums. Both were clearly very pro-Jim Leitner, which is fine. However, I, being the fool that I am, read and commented on Bubba Joe's posting on my blog before realizing that Bubs had posted the exact same thing on Mark's webpage.

I felt so cheap. I felt used.

Okay, well that may be overstating it slightly, but I did feel kind of like a dumb ass for commenting on it.

I only had one post from BJ6P, but Mark had the saga continuing on his comments board and the saga became a little bit interesting. BJ6P upped his posting by talking about "normal Tuesday night drinking session" for a group of ADAs (which I found a little judgmental coming from somebody named BubbaJoe6Pack), and talking about some sort of misinformation that the group had.

BJ6P goes on to characterize this misinformation by saying "I guess this is going to be the norm for the increasingly desperate Kelly faction."

Um, okay. Sounds to me like this was a group of ADAs talking, not a campaign rally. I wasn't aware that this type of behavior was prohibited.

Things then get interesting when a poster under the name of Pro.Victims calls out BubbaJoe by identifying him as Clint Greenwood, Jim Leitner's friend (and I believe, campaign manager). ProVic calls for a truce of some sorts between the Siegler and Leitner campaigns, encouraging BJ6P to fight the real enemy: Pat Lykos.

Mark then chimes in by chiding BJ6P for double posting on my website and his website.

Since there was never a denial from BJ6P regarding whether or not he was Clint Greenwood or not, I'm kind of inclined to believe that it was. I have to say that Clint isn't doing Jim much of a favor with this type of petty posting, if it was him.

I've always been very clear in my posts (at least, I hope I have) that I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Jim Leitner. He's a good candidate with good ideas, but I have concerns over whether or not his name-recognition will resonate with voters.

That being said, I hate to see postings from an over-zealous friend hurting his credibility, which I think that BubbaJoe6Pack, whoever he is, did last night with his posts.


anonymous c said...

It's "whoever he is," not "whomever he is."

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Anon C, didn't Ron in Houston already call you a grammar nazi?

Just kidding.

I changed it.

JAGJO said...

No reason to feel like a dumb ass at all. You are tying to be fair and equitable to everyone who post here. All you can do is take each poster at face value and on good faith. You did and obviously Mr. BJ6P had ulterior motives and was out to deceive.If anyone should feel stupid, he should. Stupid for doing it in the first place and second, for getting called out on it! Sometimes such maneuvers backfire and they wind up doing more disservice. Jim is probably clueless of Mr 6 pack's blogging crusade. IMO several posters have seemed suspect at best but that is to be expected. After all this is an election year and while many hate the thought, all things elected at HCDAO are politically charged and motivated. To think otherwise is unrealistic. Infact, the closer the primary gets, there will be an onslaught of the very same type bloggers(or moles, which ever be the case however, moles sound much more intriguing and dubious). Many of those with blogging experience are well aware that the media scours hot topic blogs reading/tapping into the pulse of the people for clues and looking for sensationalistic news worthy items that may have not been exposed yet. You're going to be working over time approving comments. Im excited and just waiting patiently until someone from Lykos camp makes an appearance. Curious what pseudo names they will use because bubbajoe6pack wasn't very complimentary to Mr. Leitner. I urge everyone to get out and vote in the primary and create a voice for the candidates that you feel most confident about. We can share our ideas passionately and with fervor day in and day out but what it comes down to in the end, is backing it up in the polls by way of votes. I had a thought that occurred a few weeks back and that is , I wonder... how many of the activists that are jumping daily on the anti HCDAO bandwagon (and not just Chuck haters but anti HCDAO across the board), are registered voters and additionally have voted in the last 8 yrs?. I think that would be very interesting to know.

anonymous c said...

Hey!! That was NOT me, AHCL!! Grr!!

I'm logged in under Google Blogger, so, if my name's not blue, it's not me.

That bugs!!!

Although, they WERE right about the grammar (hehe!), it is very sneaky (and potentially offensive) to post under another's pseudonym!

Ron in Houston said...

Well, Anon C may not be a nazi, but obviously has a high need to be perceived as "right" as well as a glaring insecurity since he/she needs to show how smart he/she is.

Just have compassion for him/her.

Ron in Houston said...

So is Anon C a victim of identity theft?

Anonymous said...

Ron in Houston, I usually agree with your posts but that one was petty and small. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

ron in houston said...

"it's very sneaky (and potentially offensive) to post under another's pseudonym"


Isn't that a risk we take when we post under pseudonyms?

It's a pseudonym. A character. Being offended when someone else posts under our pseudonyms is like an actor being offended when someone else plays Hamlet.

Ron in Houston said...

Someone is playing games.

I guess we just need to look for the blue name.

Calling out someone's grammar is a diversionary tactic. Comments on a blog are not exactly high prose that one writes and rewrites.

Besides you wouldn't be human if you didn't make mistakes.

And yes, I can be petty and small. I try to avoid it, but heck I'm only human.

anonymous c said...

Man, Ron and Co.! Let it go already. It was a (heated) debate and it's over.

You really shouldn't let random, anonymous people rent so much head space from you. It's just blogging.

Anonymous said...

Ignore them, Anon C. They're just mad because you made them look like idiots and they know it. I thought it was pretty funny. That's defense lawyers for you.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Well put Anon C (if that is your real name!).

I'm not real sure about what is going on with the people posting under your pseudonyms. It's pretty silly, if you ask me.

I wish there was something that i could do to stop it, but when I get the message about posting, it doesn't show me whether or not your name is in blue or not.

I'm happy to say that since I started screening the messages before they posted, that there hasn't been a single one that I didn't let through (at least not on purpose). I'm very glad that most people who read this blog seem to understand that we are trying to have good and serious discussions (which is the polar opposite of what is going on at the Chronicle).

You guys keep up the good work!

And whoever is posting under other people's pseudonyms, all I can say is that we may have reached a new low in the game of pathetic silliness.

hcresident said...

I have respected Jim for years. It is now gone!! If he feels it is OK to assault Kelly for everything every employee has done at the DA's Office, then he should at least be held responsible for his campaign manager's actions. If that is the standard that he wants to set, then he should be willing to live by it. Trust me that this is a VERY hard pill for me to swallow about Jim.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anonoymous c, well put. There are a lot more important things going on then petty bull crap. Jim is pandering to the You're a racist crowd. Such an obvious trick. He's clearly over-matched.