Thursday, February 28, 2008

I missed it

Being a Direct TV subscriber, I wasn't able to catch Reasonable Doubt tonight, but I heard that Lykos didn't enjoy herself.

I heard she dodged the yarmulke question at every turn, and suggested creating "new" divisions within the D.A.'s Office - the only problem being that all the "new" Divisions she suggested creating have been in existence since the Holmes administration.

In related news, Lykos said she had recently established a new round device that would help vehicles move quicker, and she planned on calling it a "wheel".
(NOTE: The above line is satire)

In regards to the yarmulke question, my understanding is that she ultimately stated that she had never excluded a witness from testifying.

I wonder if California attorney Gil Fried would agree with that characterization.

But, I must confess that I missed the show, but for those of you who were able to watch it, please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the commentary.

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pro.victims said...

Like you, my provider doesn't carry the public access station. What are the chances Mark will be able to post Lyko's appearance? Do we know who hosted along with Todd tonight?

And, the most important queschion - Todd, are you drunk?