Monday, February 11, 2008

Northside Lykos Meltdown

I think I was pretty clear the other day when I said I was having to moderate comments based on some National Enquirer-esque postings, and that I wasn't happy about that. The reason I wasn't happy about it is that it causes problems with my ability to check the comments and clear them for posting. That's especially true if the posting is extremely lengthy.

Also, the Moderation element of the blog sometimes is erratic about letting me know when a new post comes through. I had some problems clearing posts today from JAGJO with a helpful link to the Ethics Website. One of Michael's posts didn't pop up until just now, although the comment indicates it was sent around mid-afternoon.

In addition, I also received a very lengthy post from a poster named "Northside". Northside had posted his/her own version of the Parable that I did last weekend. To say it was lengthy would be an understatement. Frankly, it made War and Peace seem like a light read. It was very pro-Lykos, stating in part:

In the end, the newspaper recommended Pat as the CEO. Her maturity, and lack of ties to the ruling eschelon of the airline meant she could make some profound changes. This recommendation was made in spite of the fact that some airline pilots claimed that any pilot with more than five years experience would quit if Pat became CEO.There is a tremendous amount of support for Pat among the shareholders and the customers, because they think the airline needs a disciplinarian and not a pilot to correct many problems, both actual and perceived.

Well, apparently, I wasn't fast enough on the draw in posting Northside's "Parable".

By the end of the day, I received this posting from the Lykos Devotee:

Life is really going to suck for you when Judge Lykos becomes DA.
Will you quit too, because the fever with which you run this unpaid political ad will no doubt do a blowback.
Thanks for using my parable. A far more realistic parable than the one you used.
Help Help, the sky is falling.


Hmm. A short temper and a thirst for revenge against people that displease her.

Looks like Northside picked the right candidate to support!


hcresident said...

I don't think of Pat as a disciplinarian, more like a dominatrix.

hcresident said...

My last post didn't work so I will try again.

I don't think of Pat Lykos as a disciplinarian, but more like a dominatrix. The sad thing is that it is really upleasant to think of her in a black leather outfit.

Ron in Houston said...


I think I'm going to lose my breakfast.

It's much too early in the morning for that mental image.