Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Technical Difficulties -- yet again

Something strange is going on with my comments today for some reason. I usually get a notification on my e-mail when a comment is made on the website. Today, my e-mail box was sadly empty, leaving me to fill my day playing Sudoko.

However, when I checked on the website this evening, I had a bucket load of comments waiting for moderation that had been sitting there all day. And then Anon C, posted something and retracted it, and then reposted it with corrections, and then it disappeared again.

Guys, if you are posting, and it isn't showing up, I'm sorry! I haven't screened anything out since Northside's epic Parable 2.0. I don't know what is going on.

In a related story, my spell check is no longer working on my postings. Get ready to have some fun with that.

Maybe all of this is related to those UFO sightings out in Stephenville.


Gritsforbreakfast said...

You could make the same argument about Roger Clemens' libel suit against Brian McNamee, but it served the same purpose as this lawsuit - it's actually a PR strategy, not a legal one.

And btw, on your much anticipated Kelly Siegler endorsement, for somebody so concerned with the department's image I'm surprised (not really, but I find it illogical) that you'd go with the candidate most closely associated with the old administration. Indeed since her husband was part of Chucky's much-ballyhooed email banter, her nomination would ensure we'll be hearing more about those emails all the way through November.

I'd think if you're worried about the image of the office, a candidate who keeps the recent scandal in the press for the next nine months would be the last thing you'd want. best,

jigmeister said...

Should you vote for the best qualified candidate, or the one with the least offensive spouse?

BTW, think we can get Jim and Pat's email...Especially their spouses? Where do you file that open records request. Right.