Saturday, February 23, 2008


About two days ago, I got a post from an Anonymous poster who was very much pro-Lykos on my HCCLA Makes a Stand article. The writer signed their name off as "Snookems". Since I get so many Anonymous posters on this, I went ahead and began referring to her as Snookems, and I didn't really think much of it. I posted everything that Snookems was writing me.

Last night, I wrote another post entitled The Robert Eckels Question, and my buddy Snookems posts again insinuating that all the ADA's jobs are in jeopardy by stating "Employees at will". In other words, Lykos could fire whoever the hell she wanted to if she became DA, because Texas is an "at will" State, when it comes to employment.

I will freely admit to baiting Snookems, when I replied, asking her if she was speaking for the Lykos campaign and admitting that Lykos would, in fact, fire very experienced and talented ADAs for being political enemies. The response I got in response to my "baiting" was as follows:

Snookems doesn't speak on behalf of the Lykos campaign. Snookems has only met Lykos once, many years ago. Snookems did vote for Lykos over Chucky 8 years ago.Snookems was a big Kelly fan, until Snookems, who is fond of the pastor at Lakeside, read the Lakeside I and II transcripts, which really can't be explained away in terms of strategy. Snookems thought all prosecutors were officers of the court, and that when something was said in response to a batson hearing, those statements were under oath.Snookems got disappointed at this.Snookems is disappointed that Kelly cannot acknowledge the racism in the office. Who uses "code words" for things like a defense holdout on a jury? No one does.Snookems has concerns about arrogance and business as usual at the office. Snookems thinks a strong leader without the good old boy and girl ties is needed to straighten things up in that office.Sometimes, the best leader of a law enforcement organization is not liked, but is feared.
Snookems has been doing this a whole lot longer than you.

Now, here's where things get interesting.

See, I know Pat Lykos from many years ago. I doubt she remembers me.

But I remember her.

More importantly, I remember the way she talks.

When I read the response written by "Snookems", the first thing that went through my mind was: "Holy cow, Snookems is Pat Lykos."

Fully realizing that I can tend to be a bit of a conspiracy addict, I didn't post anything accusing dear Snookems. I just pondered it. I spoke to a couple of people, and they agreed it sounded exactly like Lykos.

Before I could write anything, however, RonInHouston posted his comments stating that he thought that it was Lykos. For the record, I have no idea about who Ron is, and we have never met in person. Just in the blawgosphere, as Bennett calls it.

Is it Lykos writing as "Snookems"? I can't answer that definitively, but my gut instinct is telling me that it is. That's based on my prior dealings with her and, quite frankly, just the way she speaks.

So, assuming that Snookems is Lykos, I have a few things to say regarding her post:

#1 - It's Lakewood Church, not Lakeside. Kelly made a statement about them that she has subsequently apologized for. When is your apology coming for not allowing that poor attorney to wear his yarmulke in court? Or are apologies beneath you?

#2 - Congratulations on reading up on Machiavelli with your "better to be feared than loved" statement. That may have played well to the folks in Renaissance Italy, but in today's atmosphere, it seems rather, um, Stalin-esque.

#3 - talking about yourself in the 3rd person is kind of pathetic.


pro.victims said...

Fear Snookems. Grrr.

Snookems wants to lead from a position of fear? Sieg Heil, Mein Fuhrer.

I could go on and on.

Ron in Houston said...


OK - An honest assessment from someone who has experienced the insanity that is Pat Lykos.

Long long ago when Lykos was a criminal district judge, I had a client that had a criminal case arise out of a whole big civil case.

Lykos, despite having no authority over me, ordered me down to the courthouse. She treated me very demeaning and not how I felt a judge should treat an attorney.

One of the very odd and demeaning things she did was call me "snookems."

Let's face it. How many people refer to people as "snookems?"

I'm sure that crazy lady doesn't remember one iota of this incident. I do. Now I'm not saying that anyone who calls someone "snookems" is Pat Lykos. However, it is a very odd figure of speech.

Make of it what you will.

Mark Bennett said...

If she's elected, she'll have to "lead" somehow; it sure as hell won't be by example.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

A person claiming to be Snookems is now sending in multiple responses to this article, that I won't publish, because she insists upon accusing me of being another person (AGAINST THE BLOG BY-LAWS:

However, its not the original Snookems (yes, I have StatCounter, and I can tell). So, no, I won't be meeting you at 7 o'clock at the Williams Tower.

Whoever the Snookems who is writing in now is REALLY flipping out.

Kind of funny.

J said...

Who cares who Snookems is? AHCL, I think you're running out of interesting topics. Plus, you're starting to sound a little desperate. Chill.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Well, J, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I think that the story is of interest to a lot of us who work in the CJC. Mark and Ron and a lot of us may not agree on who we like for our candidate for D.A., but we all seem to be in agreement that we don't like the idea of Lykos.

So, I don't know where you get "desperate" out of that, but whatever. If I'm boring you here, I'm sure there are plenty of other things to check out on the web.

cjclawyer said...

After reading "Snooky's" comments on Ron's blog, I'm more convinced than ever...

Mark Bennett said...


Anonymous C called you "snookums" (the correct spelling, I think) here.

So if anon C is Pat Lykos, and AHCL is anon C, and I am AHCL, and Lisa Falkenberg is I, then Lisa is Pat Lykos!

The only reason someone would post a comment to me on Ron's blog is that I would use my interwebular ninjutsu to discover her true identity so fast it'd make her head spin. (Right, AHCL?)

A Harris County Lawyer said...

You left out Jennifer.

FYI-the Anon on Ron's blog is the same person posting as the second Snookems over here. She's just cutting and pasting the same questions from what she's sending to me over there.

Ron in Houston said...


This is getting way too deep for my little mind to grasp. If anon c is in fact Lykos, and if AHCL is anon C then is AHCL Lykos?

My heat hurts. You guys have me way too confused.

AHCL - if you swear you're not Lykos then I'll believe you. Otherwise, I'm going back in my hole.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Hey Ron,
I swear that I'm not Lykos. I've never posted under anything but AHCL.
Kind of a funny thought, though. I would have to be filled with a lot of self-loathing to be her, based on what I've written on this blog!
Looks like a Grade-A Chronicle crazy is posting on your site at the moment, doesn't it?

hcresident said...

For the life of me, I can't figure out why Mark Bennett keeps saying that Lykos is the favorite. Obviously, he hasn't been talking to the same Republican primary voters that I know. None of them even know who Lykos is. They ALL know who Kelly is and think the world of her. People in the courthouse live in a bubble. Do we read the articles about CD 22 race or the county judge race? Probably not. We read about the DA's race b/c it is something that affects our world. Do Republican voters read political blogs? MAYBE a few read them if they are written by Rush or Hannity or Dan, not Faulkenberg. The average voter skims right over all of the articles in The Chronicle (if they even read what this centrist independent calls The Pravda) about the DA's race, but the years of publicity about Kelly have registered.

Anonymous said...

I know Pat. Very well. She for some reason tells me more than she should.

That is Pat no doubt about it. Sorry Pat. I know you have made promises but people need to know who you are and what you are about. If you don't give me a job I don't care because I know it wouldn't last long anyway.

Jason said...

Sounds like snookums is off their medication.

hcresident said...

Go to for his latest post about Lykos. You can also link to it from the "other blog" section on this page.

anonymous c said...

Well, I was way off then! I honestly thought that “Snookems” was Bernstein. Hehe! I guess I was thrown by the similarly menacing tone.

It IS strange to me, though, that Lykos would call Lakewood “Lakeside”. It seems that she’d get that right, at the very least. Although, according to what those of you who know her have to say, I'm clearly giving her too much credit.

Judging by the time of the post, she can’t really chalk it up to BWI, either…unless, of course, she was drinking Mimosas or Bloody Marys (which are, after all, the only socially-acceptable, alcoholic, breakfast beverages).

If it IS Lykos, the mental instability bodes well for Kelly fans because it means that hcresident is right and she is losing the race, as well as her mind. :-)

I do tend to think that hcresident is right because, when I early voted on West Gray yesterday (which was PACKED, by the way. I waited over an hour. Looks like AHCL was right again!), I was talking to a lot of fellow Republicans in line and almost every one of them planned to vote for Kelly (we promptly changed the minds of the ones who weren’t).

Feeling hopeful over here. Feeling hopeful!

BTW, I liked your blog, Ron! :)

Mark Bennett said...

Hcresident, maybe you're right; maybe this is the year the voters prove themselves smarter than the party.

jigmeister said...

Besides Gollum, er uh snookems and her brother, who is campaigning for Lykos? The stories I hear, co-workers in Emmetts'office don't like her. That will empty the coffers fast.

Harris County Voter said...

I'm an independant voter who was debating on which primary to vote in. Though the Dem prez contest is more fun, I am voting in the Republican primary in order to NOT NOT NOT vote for Lykos.

I think Leitner and Seigler are both qualified candidates, but I believe I'll vote for Seigler because I think she has the best chance in a potential runoff against Lykos.

Choosing between Lykos-Bradford in a DAs race is like asking whether you would rather be shot or stabbed.

It's my belief that there is nothing worse than having a boss who is not qualified to do the work they are doing. This is especially true in criminal prosecutions, because advice, respect and judgement are so important. A lawyer should be able to trust the skills of their bosses. (not to mention just running a large office in a professional manner)

Bradford and Lykos would be awful bosses to work for because they have never done the type of work that they would be supervising. With all the terrific criminal lawyers out there, a Bradford-Lykos race would be a complete joke.

(And this isn't even mentioning the problems with Lykos' professionalism, her unlikability, and that nobody wanted her to be a visiting judge).

Besides, I'm not sure who I would vote for in the Dem prez race anyways. :)

Thanks for all the interesting writing you do on this blog.