Monday, February 18, 2008

The Custodian

Today is Day One for the ADAs in the post-Chuck Rosenthal D.A.'s Office. I know that it's been pointed out that under the Texas Constitution that Chuck still holds the title until a replacement is appointed, but I kind of doubt he will walk back onto the 6th floor today and yell "I was kidding!".

So, the focus of the gossip will now shift from "when will he resign" to "who is going to replace him as custodian and when?".

Good question, and I'd be lying if I told you I had even the slightest idea what is going to happen with that.

It's a political world and the Governor is head of Texas politics. He'll pick the successor. I think I would be pretty naive to think that the Governor will remain immune from politics in making his decision.

I'm sure that Ed Emmett will have a say in it, and he's expressed his willingness to give his advice. Gee, think he'd recommend Lykos? He'd probably like her out of his office.

If the Governor is playing above the political fray, he'll refrain from appointing somebody who has a dog in this political hunt. That means not appointing Leitner, Perry, Siegler, Bradford (ha!), or Pat Lykos. Especially not Pat Lykos.

The idea of Lykos coming in at this time sends a chill down the spine of every last ADA who supports someone other than Lykos (which by last count was, uh, all of them). Lykos has a reputation of being mean and vindictive, and those caught campaigning on off-work hours will still face her wrath. What if she decides to fire somebody that the new D.A. wouldn't want fired?

I think the Governor would be more prudent to leave Bert Graham in control of the Office. He has great managerial skills. He's non-controversial. He's devoted his entire life to the Office and has the respect of the people under him. It gives no political boost to any of the candidates.

And more importantly, leaving him there will give the ADAs a sense of stability that has been lacking for the past six weeks in the Office.

Trust me, Mr. Governor Sir, it's the right thing to do. And it's the right thing to do because it isn't political.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how Lykos has the time to work for Ed and campaign as much as she has. Does she have to work 40 hours per week (I use work loosely as we all know she hasn't worked in a long time)?Has anyone looked into this? Or do we fall back into the conspiracy theory that the reporters will look the other way in hopes of having a softball for Bradford to hit out of the park?

Of course, we know the Comical "investigative reporters" we have now aren't capable of original thought-- and another reason why it so surprising that AB still hasn't written the Lykos yarmulke article-- an aside... If AB wouldn't spend so much time responding on this blog and maybe investigating some issues, he might come up with a story. He obvioisly has some angry energy, maybe he can direct it toward his job... I do notice his smash of Kelly got him on the national race... coincidence?? I think not.

Ron in Houston said...

My understanding is that Emmett does want Lykos; however, it appears that Woodfill and Bettencourt may be against that appointment.

There is a strong incentive to let someone run in the general election as an incumbent.

I'm sure there will be a lot of behind the scenes maneuvering. How it eventually falls out is anyone's guess.

jigmeister said...

Don't think the Gov. will do anything. He is too busy in Presidential politics and never acts before the primary results.

But it wouldn't hurt for everyone to let him know (probably by letter) what damage Lykos could do to the entire system.

Ron in Houston said...

I agree that the Gov. won't do anything fast enough to make an appointment before the primary.

It's turning out to be one very interesting primary.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I would guess he'll just wait and appoint the GOP nominee.

Anonymous said...

Since the governor is an aggie, I'm sure he'll make the right decision.

hcresident said...

I agree about the Lykos comment from Anonymous. How does she have time to attend every event as a county employee? I think The
Chronicle has endorsed her only to blast that info in the general election. Alan, I am sure that it might require a walk across downtown to make the open records request. Are you up for it? And for that matter, have you done one on Perry?

Anonymous said...

She's probably doing the same thing Kelly is doing. Using comp and vacation time.