Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Important Reminders

REMINDER # 1 - EARLY VOTING BEGINS TODAY. No matter who you want to vote for, get on out there and do it.

REMINDER # 2 - THE D.A. CANDIDATES DEBATE TONIGHT - The HCCLA will be sponsoring a debate at South Texas tonight (I think it's at 6:30, but I'm not 100% on that). If you can't make it, KHOU.com should be airing a live webcast of it. Sadly, they couldn't find time to air it on TV.


Anonymous said...

The DA debate at South Texas starts at 6:30 with a reception beforehand at 5:30. South Texas is located at 1303 San Jacinto and the debate is in the Joe Green Auditorium--all are welcome!

Mark Bennett said...

Plan for extra traffic downtown. Some dude named Obama is having a rally right around the corner from STCL.

Kese said...

I suspect that because of Obama's appearance, none of the stations will be giving the debate the attention we would prefer.