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Last Day to Early Vote

Today, Friday, February 28, 2014 is the last day to early vote in the Republican and Democratic Primaries in Texas.  If you don't get it done by the end of today, you will only be allowed to vote at your designated voting location. So get out there and vote today!  There are lots of great candidates out there who deserve your consideration. Go Vote!

REMINDER: Fundraiser for Tonya Rolland McLaughlin TODAY

I hope everyone will come out today at 5:01 p.m. to Char Bar (301Travis Street, Houston, TX 77002) to help Tonya Rolland McLaughlin in her campaign for Judge of County Court at Law # 10.

Early Voting

We are entering Week Two of Early Voting for the 2014 Republican and Democratic Parties.  If you are Downtown, please swing by the Harris County Administration Building and get it taken care of! Also, don't forget we are having a fundraiser for Tonya Rolland McLaughlin this Thursday, February 27th at Char Bar at 5:01 p.m. I hope to see everyone there! Now go Vote!!!!

Jon Munier

As many of you know, our friend Jon Munier has recently been battling a recurrence of cancer.  I talked to him on the phone today and it is with his permission that I am sharing this link through which gives updates on his progress.  He sounded good and upbeat, too. I've known Jon since I was a young prosecutor.  Jon is one of my heroes. I've known very few people in life as honest, funny, smart and tough as Jon Munier.  Not only is he an outstanding trial lawyer, he's also a great mentor and leader. I hope that you all will keep Jon and Marie and their family in your prayers.

Primary Endorsements for 2014

Early voting in Texas begins on Tuesday, February 18th , so it is time to get motivated and get your family and friends motivated to get out there and vote. There aren't too many contested primary elections this year for jobs that are actually held within the Harris County Criminal Justice Center.  However, there are several races that have direct ties to what we do and I hope you will take the time to educate yourself and vote in these races, too. Let's start off with the contested races inside the CJC. District Attorney The Republican side of the race is uncontested, with no one challenging District Attorney Devon Anderson.  The Democrats have Kim Ogg versus Leaping Lloyd Oliver.  This is not a real contest.  Sadly, because Lloyd miraculously won the Democratic nomination in the 2012 election, we actually have to address his candidacy.  Lloyd is a disaster.  He uses these elections to get countywide publicity for himself.  Kim Ogg is infinitely more qualified than Lloy

Awesome Endorsements on the Democratic Side

Tomorrow, I'll be listing my recommendations on the various and sundry races that affect the Harris County Criminal Justice System. In the meantime, I have to give congratulations to the Houston Chronicle  for their use of humor in their endorsement of Kim Ogg over Leapin' Lloyd Oliver for the Democratic Candidate for District Attorney: "But like the heroine in a bad horror movie sequel, Ogg has to defeat a sad soul who keeps coming back:  Lloyd Wayne Oliver.   Just when you thought it was safe to vote in the Democratic primary, he's on the ballot again for the free publicity. Primary voters should give Oliver the thrashing he deserves for making a mockery of our elections." I'm glad the Chronicle  is aware of what a joke Lloyd's candidacy is.  I just hope the Dem voters do too.

Save the Date!: February 27th Fundraiser for Tonya Rolland Mclaughlin

Mark your calendars for Thursday, February 27th at 5:01 p.m. We will be having a fundraiser for former-prosecutor and defense attorney Tonya Rolland Mclaughlin at the Char Bar. Tonya is, without question, the most qualified and experienced of the four candidates running for the Republican Nomination for Judge of County Court at Law # 10.  She is the only candidate who has experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney and also the only candidate who actively practices criminal law.  She has also has recently showed her appellate skills with winning a significant ruling on Search and Seizure. If qualifications alone selected our candidates for judge, Tonya would win this contest with no difficulty.  Unfortunately in Harris County Politics, she needs a lot more than just being the best candidate. She needs your support to get the word out about her candidacy and she needs your financial support.  Please come out and do everything you can to support Tonya!