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Congratulations, Ms. Falkenberg

Congratulations to my friend, Lisa Falkenberg, for winning the freaking Pulitzer Prize for her series of articles on the Harris County Grand Jury system and the Alfred Dewayne Brown case . Lisa and I didn't exactly get off to the best start.  She pointed out to me the first time that I met her in person that I had once referred to her as Pippi Longstocking in an early blog post.  Um, oops. I don't always agree with her columns.  Hell, I usually  don't agree with her columns. But Lisa's columns always make me think and take stock of philosophical positions that I held in the past, philosophical positions I hold in the present, and those I may hold in the future. In short, regardless of whether I agree with her or not, the way Lisa writes makes me think .  And that's the trademark of an excellent writer. I'm very glad to see the folks over at Pulitzer recognize her talent.