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Dane Schiller: Kim Ogg's Minister of Misinformation

I have to admit that I don't remember Dane Schiller from the days before he took the job as Kim Ogg's Director of Communication at the D.A.'s Office.  Maybe our paths never crossed.  If they did, I don't recall it.  I hear from my friends in the journalism business that he was a pretty good reporter. When he took the job for the incoming Ogg Administration back in the beginning, his was not a name that I was familiar with, and I certainly had no beef with him.  Then again, other than that small matter of her firing almost forty potential political enemies experienced prosecutors right off the bat, I didn't really have that big of an issue with Kim Ogg herself back then.  I was supportive of Ogg's platform when she ran for District Attorney the first time and I voted for her -- a mistake I've regretted since early on in her administration. But, I digress.  The point I'm trying to make here is that I never had a personal beef with Dane.  As a matter of f