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Kim Ogg blames the Judges . . . yet again

It's just so damn hard being a prosecutor these days.   At least, it is in Harris County. It was so much easier back when I was there.  Our judges were almost ALL former prosecutors.  The rulings all went our way.  We had people who trained us on how to try cases.  We went to trial a lot.  We won a lot.  It was crazy!  When I asked my old division chief researched what the win/loss ratio was during our tenure at the Office back in the day, she told me I learned that it was somewhere in the low to mid-90% win rate. These days, those stats are a bit different.  My friend, Jeff Ross, at his Show Me the Justice  blog keeps a running tab of the win/loss column.  Here are the current stats for 2022 as of this writing: That translates into a little better than 67% win rate for the State.  If this was a report card, it would be a failing grade. A quick glance at the wins and losses for last week over at Show Me the Justice profile five guilty verdicts for the State and seven not guilty