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To the Candidates on Election Day

To all of my friends who are on the ballot today, I wanted to say thank you. For the past two years, whether you were running to defend an Office you already held or whether you were running as a candidate for the first time, you have both my appreciation and my admiration. For every dinner you missed at home because you had to attend an event. For every weekend that you didn't get to relax because you had to block-walk. For every fundraiser you had to attend or organize when you probably didn't really want to do either. For every criticism that you receive from some jerk who doesn't even know you. For every word of discouragement from somebody who told you that you couldn't get elected. For every straight-ticket voting nimwit who never bothered to even consider you as a candidate. I don't think that the average voter knows what candidates put themselves through just to face an uncertain outcome on Election Day.  I've had a front row seat to it before