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Roger Bridgwater and Regrettable Words

Every morning when I wake up, I grab my phone off the bedside table and immediately scroll through our Nation's most important news source:  Facebook.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but that's pretty much how I start every day.  I consider it a quick debriefing on how everything is going in my friends' lives. This morning, as I was scrolling through the morning feed, I saw one of those annoying ads in the midst of puppy photos and political rantings.  It was an ad for Roger Bridgwater's candidacy for Harris County Court at Law # 15. I was drawn to the partial quote that appeared above the logo.   "There was actually something very Judicial about Roger Bridgwater long before he became . . . " Something sounded familiar about that quote -- especially the unnecessary use of the word "actually." Oh yeah.  That quote came from me. I did some quick research and sure enough, I had paid Roger that compliment back in Oc

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Recently, I've had at least three a lot of people ask me if everything is okay since I haven't written anything on the blog since May.  The short answer is "yes, everything is fine!"  I've just been super busy, but it's mostly been good. Cold Justice has been in full swing, filming for a new season, and we've been to Wisconsin, Florida, and Oklahoma.  The new season premieres on the Oxygen Channel this Saturday, August 4th .  It's going to be a great one.  Thus far, I've (mercifully) not made any on camera appearances. Both of my kids are out of school for the summer, and (for the first time) my oldest isn't going to summer day camp.  I've been torturing him by making him watch historical movies and read quality books.  He is considering joining the military just to get away from me. My youngest has had a recurrence of the medical issue that freaked us out so badly last year .  This year we were a little more emotionally prepared