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Boss Ogg's Slate

  In a meeting with the judges a year or so ago, Harris County District Attorney's Office First Assistant David Mitcham expressed his frustration with the judges and bond reform, giving them a warning that those who didn't share District Attorney Kim Ogg's "vision" would face "consequences."   Those who were present for the meeting (at least the ones that I spoke with) indicated that the implication was that the Office intended to field candidates to run against those judges who weren't bending to the District Attorney's will.  At least, that's how they interpreted Mitcham's words. Now that the filing deadline has passed, it is abundantly clear that Mitcham's veiled threat was not an empty one as a significant number  almost every  of judicial races now has a prosecutorial candidate running as either a Democrat or Republican.  Some are great candidates.  Others . . . not so much.  A few are royal disasters, but we will talk about that

If Being a Football Coach was Like Being a Defense Attorney-Part 2: Talking to the Ref

REF:  Okay, so it is my understanding that one of your players wanted to talk to me, Coach? COACH (Sighing Heavily):  Yes, Ref.   Against my advice. REF:  Okay.  To avoid the appearance of impropriety, I've asked Chiefs' Coach Reid to join us. PLAYER:  Good!  I want to talk to him, too. COACH:  No, you don't. PLAYER:  See what I'm dealing with here, Ref? REF:  What seems to be the problem? PLAYER:  So, basically, I want to win the game. REF:  That's good.  Everyone should want to win their game. PLAYER:  Yeah, but it's like Coach isn't even trying to help us. REF:  What's going on? PLAYER:  Well, he's saying that we're playing the Chiefs and that Chiefs are really good. REF:  Well, obviously, as Referee, I don't know anything about how the game will turn out, but I do know that the Chiefs usually do play pretty well at home. COACH:  That's what I was trying to tell him, Ref. PLAYER:  I keep trying to tell him that I want to win and all he

If Being a Football Coach Was Like Being a Defense Attorney

COACH:  Alright team, this week, we are playing the Chiefs . . .  PLAYER:  So, you're trying to tell us that we just need to give up. COACH:  Um, no.  I'm just trying to start a conversation about what to expect as we head into this weekend.  So, anyway, their quarterback is obviously Patrick Mahomes and he's a very talented . . .  PLAYER:  So, you're trying to say that we don't have a quarterback?! COACH:  I, uh, don't believe I said that.  All I'm saying is that we all need to be aware that there are certain strengths to their team that need to be considered.  I know that we are the Houston Texans and we have a terrible record but . . . PLAYER:  We have a terrible record because no one ever thought about letting us win.   COACH:  Let you  win? PLAYER:  Man, we've had eight games and not one time did the other team offer to let us win. COACH:  I mean, that's not really how it works . . .  PLAYER:  The Ravens beat them.  I don't see why we don