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HBA Presents Miranda v. Arizona

The Houston Bar Association is presenting a re-enactment of the United States Supreme Court arguments in Mirnada v. Arizona.   The re-enactment will take place on Friday, April 29th at 2:00 p.m. at the Harris County 1910 Courthouse. There will be some very familiar faces in the cast, and the event is free.  It also counts as an hour of free CLE, so it is definitely a win-win situation. For more information, click here .

Help Neil Krugh Raise Money to Fight Alzheimer's Disease

Our friend, and all around good guy, Neil Krugh is raising money to help the research of and fight against Alzheimer's Disease.  Of course, he's doing it in a pretty fun way, by agreeing to be the head coach of a Powder Puff football team in a charity match, but it still counts. Please help this great cause -- as well as Neil's coaching career -- by donating at his website.  You can check it out by clicking here .

The Catch-22 of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence was the focus in The New York Times over the weekend, as they profiled the March 7 th murder-suicide of Nadia Saavedra at the hands of her estranged husband, Alejandro Uribe.  Although the murder of a woman at the hands of an estranged husband or boyfriend is, sadly, a frequent occurrence, the tale of Ms. Saavedra and Mr. Uribe was front page news.  It also drew the attention of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration. “Nadia Saavedra’s death underscores the urgent need to intervene well before violence happens,” said Sarah Solon, the spokeswoman for the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. The Times seems to have focused on the Saavedra murder because there was virtually no police involvement for the couple prior to the murder, which according to the article, is not uncommon. As murders in New York City have fallen to record lows in recent years, domestic killings have come to make up an ever larger part of detectives’ workloads.   The cases often take