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Boss Ogg Rides Again

As I've written many, many times before, Kim Ogg is no prosecutor.   She's just another ambitious politician who currently holds a political office that happens to be that of the county's top prosecutor.  Long before her successful election in 2016, she had been a Republican and then a Democrat.  She shifts with the wind for whatever benefits her.  In her three and a half years as District Attorney, it is a wonder that she doesn't have whiplash as she has bounced back and forth between portraying herself as Ogg the Progressive and Ogg the Law & Order Prosecutor. Kim Ogg has demonstrated time and again that she resembles  Huey P. Long  far more than Johnny Holmes when it comes to being a District Attorney.   Ogg has unabashedly used asset forfeiture money acquired by the Office (that's the money the Office seizes from people charged with crimes under the theory that they were illegally gotten gains) to hire her political allies under the guise of them working in