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Episode Six: Return of the Jury -- A One-Act Sci-Fi Play

SCENE:  It is only minutes until midnight on December 31, 2020, and Droids are busily signing off on paperwork on STAR DESTROYER INTAKE under the supervision of CORPORAL LEITNER.  The space hatch doors open and in comes the ADVANCE TEAM led by a beleaguered CO-VICE-ADMIRAL MITCHAM.  LEITNER salutes MITCHAM. CORPORAL LEITNER:  Vice-Admiral, you're . . . early. CO-VICE-ADMIRAL MITCHAM:  I decided it would be wise to arrive prior to the Empress to make sure everything was running smoothly.  We cannot afford another embarrassment in front of her.  She's fired so many that we hardly have anyone left. CORPORAL LEITNER:  Very good, sir. CO-VICE-ADMIRAL MITCHAM:  What are all of these droids doing? CORPORAL LEITNER:  They are signing Probable Cause complaints, sir. CO-VICE-ADMIRAL MITCHAM:  What?!  Didn't the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals just rule that was illegal? CORPORAL LEITNER:  Yes sir, but we've appealed it to the Louisiana Supreme Court. CO-VICE-ADMIRAL MITCHAM: What

Learning the Difference

When I'm explaining the plea bargain process to my clients, I compare it to someone selling a car.  The prosecutor's position is like that of the car owner, and the strengths and weaknesses of the case are akin to the value of the vehicle.  Maybe the car is flawless and in perfect running condition.  Maybe it is a complete lemon.  The same can be said for a case -- although I've seen many more lemons than flawless cases in my time. But in both scenarios, it is the car owner/prosecutor who is completely in charge of setting the negotiating price.  If the car/case is flawless and powerful, the buyer/defendant can expect high prices with less flexibility.  If, however, the car or the case is not particularly powerful and has engine problems, one might expect that price to be drastically reduced, or for the car to be totally tossed on the scrap pile. Whether the case is flawless or an utter disaster, one thing remains the same:  the prosecutor has the sole discretion to set the